10 Best Marrakech Attractions to Visit

The top Marrakech attractions to visit during your travel to morocco, a full travel guide to Marrakech tourist attractions.

marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions
Marrakech city

Why Visit Marrakech?

Marrakech city is the most popular tourist destination in morocco. There are many Places to visit in Marrakech, one of them being the incredible architecture and culture that it possesses.

Marrakech city was described in many descriptions such as:

The university between heat and heat, shade and shade, and the city of seven men as well as spacious areas, it was known as the red city, Because its houses are red in colour and get brighter and more beautiful at sunset, you can easily walk around their street like maze safely.

The history of Marrakech city goes back to the time of the Almoravids, and the name Marrakech was used in the past for all of Morocco since its foundation, as it became the capital of the Almoravids.

Large as it is the first tourist destination in Morocco, and therefore it was the best new tourist destination in the world in 2015.

is Marrakech safe to travel to?

Marrakech Attractions

Marrakech tourist attractions

Marrakech city is characterized by a great civilizational and cultural diversity, as it contains a distinguished group of historical monuments, whether in the middle or around it, and the most important Marrakech attractions are:

Jemaa El Fna Square

jemaa el fnaa
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

UNESCO classified Jemaa El-Fna Square as a human heritage site in 2001, because of this place’s rich history that demonstrates the history of Marrakech in its entirety.

It is represented by performances of snake tamers, folk tale-tellers, and riddles. There are many opinions about naming Al-Fna Square with this name, so it is said that it was an arena for the execution of criminals – that is, their annihilation – and it is also said that its name dates back to the Saadi era.

Where this square formed a large courtyard for the Great Mosque project, while a third version sees that the proximity of this square to a palace The Almoravid stone, whose traces were found under the Koutoubia Mosque, is the reason for the name.

Marrakech City Walls

Marrakech city walls
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

The majority of historians suggest that the walls of Marrakesh date back to between 1126-1127, and the length of these walls is estimated to be approximately 9 km and are built of planks or mounds.

Bab Doukkala and Aghmat

is one of the main doors of the walls of Marrakech, Bab Doukkala, and Aghmat. Bab Doukkala and Aghmat are located on the western side of the wall and through it, one can reach the Bab Doukkala mosque.

Bab Doukkala consists of two large towers, in the middle of which there is a corridor that connects to the centre of the old city.

The eastern side of the wall and this door opens on the road to the corner of Sidi Ben Saleh, and the door of Agmat is the entrance to one of the towers located on the eastern side of the walls of Marrakech city.

Historical and Cultural Tour

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El Badi Palace

el badi palace
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

The Badi Palace is one of the archaeological Marrakech tourist attractions considered by historians to be one of the wonders of the world.

This palace is located in the northeastern part of the Kasbah. The construction of this palace dates back to 1578 during the reign of Saadi King Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Zahabi.

The Portuguese army, this palace was demolished by Moulay Ismail in 1696, and the decorative elements were taken from it to decorate the new buildings in Meknes, and the most important features of this palace are:

  • The harmonious design of the buildings around its rectangular courtyard.
  • The presence of five cisterns of different lengths interspersed with a group of gardens.
  • The decorations and the variety of materials used in its construction, such as marble, carved wood, and gypsum, as well as columns covered with golden leaves.

Almoravid Dome

Almoravid Dome
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

One of the distinctive features on the southern side of Ben Youssef Square in the old city is the Almoravid Dome.

This dome is distinguished by its unique design as it takes the shape of a rectangle, and on its outer facade, there are wonderful inscriptions representing shapes and arches forming a seven-pointed star adorning its entrance.

The top of this dome, where the name of Sultan Ali bin Yusuf appears to us, is revealed to us by some researchers.

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

The Saadian tombs belong to the Saadian royal family, especially to the mother, father, and brother of Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansour.

The Saadian tomb consists of two main wings, in one of which we find three halls:

  • The mihrab hall, which is a small mosque with three galleries, is decorated with muqarnas.
  • The Twelve-Column Hall, in which Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansour was buried, in addition to the three sultans who came after him.
  • The Three Niches Hall is considered the most beautiful among the other three halls because of its distinctive and beautiful decorations.

Mouassine fountain

The mouassine fountain unit is one of the buildings of the Mouassine complex. There is also a mosque, a bathroom, a Quranic school, and a treasury in this building.

The construction of this watering can date back to the period 1562-1563 during the reign of Sultan Abdullah al-Ghalib. To the north of the ablution hall, it contains three water and watering basins and three entrances.

Koutoubia Mosque

koutoubia mosque
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

The Koutoubia Mosque is located in the centre of Marrakech city, and it is believed that its name dates back to a book-selling market that was close to the mosque.

The first Koutoubia Mosque was built in 1147 during the reign of Caliph Abd al-Mu’min bin Ali al-Koumi on the ruins of the palace revealed by archaeological excavations (the Almoravid Stone Palace).

The second Koutoubia Mosque was built in 1158 and is similar in size to the building of the first Koutoubia Mosque.

Ben Youssef School

ben youssef school
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

This school dates back to the Marinid period, according to its historical sources, and this school is considered one of the most beautiful schools in Morocco. Al-Saadi Abdullah Al-Ghalib in the period between 1564 – 1565.

Bahia Palace

bahia palace
marrakech attractions
marrakech tourist attractions

Bahia Palace is considered one of the best places to visit in Marrakech, located in the centre of the old city. This palace was built in the nineteenth century by the Minister of Sultan Moulay El Hassan, who was known as Muhammad.

This palace consists of a small riad, a large one, and a small courtyard, in addition to a private suite and a marble courtyard surrounded by arcades.

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