10 Popular Moroccan Dishes you must Taste

moroccan dishes

Moroccan dishes occupy a unique position among the kitchens of the world, as it is famous for its delicious dishes with a distinctive taste and wonderful flavor.

Famous Moroccan Dishes

Among the dishes that the State of Morocco is famous for are: Al-Rafisa Al-Amiya, Moroccan couscous, meat tagine, Harira, Tangia Marrakech, Saffa buried with chicken, pastilla, and many others. ArticlesDose reviews some of the most famous foods of Moroccan kitchen and an overview of them.

Meat Tagine

Meat tagine is one of the most popular Moroccan dishes It is one of the most famous dishes that are served on the blessed Eid al-Adha, and is prepared in many ways and recipes, all of which are distinctive and delicious, and it is a dish prepared either from vegetables, meat or chicken.

The name of the dish is due to Moroccan pottery that has been in it for a long time, and with the passage of days it has become customary to call everything that is cooked in it a tagine, and it is brought over coal and takes not a little time on the fire.
The plum tagine is one of the most popular tagines, especially in the month of Ramadan. It is a piece of meat prepared with onions, garlic, and Moroccan spices. It is decorated with honeyed plums, almonds, and sesame, and is served on various occasions.

Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan couscous is one of the most popular dishes in Morocco. One of the dishes that tourists look for as soon as they set foot in Casablanca, and it is customary to eat this meal at lunch on Friday for various families and cafes, next to cups of milk, and also one of the main dishes that are prepared in weddings and events.

There are 3 types of Moroccan couscous, and it is characterized by containing many types of vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, white and yellow turnips, and onions, and some areas add lentils or dried beans.

It is prepared from the soft grain flour of barley or wheat with vegetables of various kinds and meat. The couscous dish is prepared in a bowl perforated with small holes called couscous, which works to pass the hot steam towards the couscous grains, steam coming from the lower bowl in which vegetables and meat are cooked.

Harira Soup

Harira soup is one of the most popular dishes in the Moroccan kitchen It is a popular Moroccan soup of Andalusian origin, which is one of the basics of Moroccan Amazigh cuisine, and is widely prepared during the holy month of Ramadan, as it decorates most breakfast tables in Morocco because it contains many nutrients beneficial to the human body.

To improve your mood, enter the kitchen There are many methods used to prepare and prepare the harira, but in general it is made of wheat, corn, and barley flour, and it is a complete meal, usually served with dates and Moroccan chebakia.

Marrakech Tanjia

One of the famous traditional dishes is called this name because it is found more in the city of Marrakech, and is prepared intensively in the winter.

The famous dish is prepared from meat, garlic, cumin, saffron, sour and free ghee, and it has a delicious and good taste.

Saffa Buried with Chicken

The saffron buried in the chicken is prepared with chicken cooked with spices and spices and sprinkled over the safflower and decorated with sugar and cinnamon powder.


Pastilla is a Berber dish It is an Amazigh dish and is considered one of the main luxurious dishes that are served at weddings and occasions, and is also considered a national dish that no one disputes.

This delicious dish bears the name of pastilla or pastilla, also called pastilla, and is prepared either with chicken and almonds or fish and seafood.

Moroccan Chebakia

Moroccan chebakia is one of the most famous traditional sweets in Morocco It is one of the traditional sweets that are served in Ramadan, as no Moroccan home is free of them in the holy month.

It is mainly based on a paste mixed with oil and butter, often with some almonds, walnuts, or cocoa, and is placed in authentic honey or sugar honey. It is sprinkled with a little rose water and then a lot of star anise, or what Moroccans call “zinglan”. It is often eaten with mint tea or hot harira, and it is somewhat similar to the dessert known in the East and Morocco as “zalabia”.

Kaab Al Ghazal

Kaab Al-Ghazal candy It is one of the most famous sweets that abound in the Moroccan kitchen and is served on all family and religious occasions, such as Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi. It is made of thin dough stuffed with ground almonds and brewed with lemon blossom water.

Kaab el-Ghazal consists mainly of almonds and must be of high quality, so the cost of this dessert is relatively high in Morocco.

Moroccan Baklava

One of the famous desserts in Morocco, which is prepared in a different way from those prepared in Levantine and Asian kitchens, consists of flour, fine sugar, rose water, and butter.

Baklava is made of special dough flakes and stuffed with cocoa nuts, pistachios, almonds, or walnuts, according to desire or available capabilities, and sweetened with honey.

Almond Rose Candy

It takes beautiful and multiple forms, all in the form of roses, and is characterized by its wonderful taste consisting mainly of almonds, as well as its wonderful harmonious and sometimes complex shape.

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It is made of eggs and almonds and can be combined with some nuts such as cocoa, walnuts, and butter, in addition to sheets of green dough for decoration.

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