13 Most Popular Moroccan Spices

Moroccan spices

History of Moroccan spices

Morocco is known as a hospitable and generous country, and it has a fine taste in food, and it uses Moroccan cuisine with the best types of Moroccan spices in the world, as it has a special taste and a unique aroma.

Especially as tourists go there and bring with them the distinctive Moroccan spices with a unique taste and prepare the most delicious meals, and Moroccan cuisine is one of the most important international cuisines, and the food there has a very special and distinctive taste.

The ancient Moroccan history of Twail goes back to the fact that the Maghreb is located in a distinct geographical place, making it a corridor for all civilizations and goods that pass between East and West.

It ensured obtaining the best and most popular Moroccan spices, and that its residents and merchants had a great ability to choose the best and most distinctive.

The Most Famous Types of Moroccan Spices

There are many Moroccan spices, which tourists can bring to their country, to enjoy a special taste, and the types of Moroccan spices are:

Saffron (zafrane)

Moroccan spices

Saffron is one of the most used Moroccan spices in the world, and it has many benefits, in the countries of the Maghreb, the best types of saffron can be obtained in the whole world, and saffron is the most expensive spice in the world not only in the Maghreb, but there are the finest types.

The high price of saffron is due to the difficulty of the cultivation process, as one hundred and forty saffron flowers can be consumed to obtain a gram, and it must be handled very gently.

Saffron is grown in a town called Taliouine in the Maghreb, and that town is located in the Sirwa Mountains. In that region, the best saffron in the world can be obtained.

Cayenne (felfla)

Moroccan spices

Cayenne is one of the spices known in the Maghreb as pepper, which is a very hot pepper, and is used for many medicinal reasons and to give foods a special and very good taste.

It is also known as cayenne, which is found in France, in the Cayenne region, and is very similar to sweet pepper. The fruits are harvested, dried, ground, and used in delicious dishes.

Cinnamon (karfa)

Moroccan spices

Cinnamon in our Arab countries is one of the most used spices in Arab cuisine, as it has a special taste and is included in many useful recipes, and in delicious dishes, throughout the Arab world.

It is also characterized by being cheap and can be obtained from the countries of the Maghreb. The Arabic language is in the best taste, because there the Moroccan people and their government care about spices, as they are one of the features of the heritage of Moroccan cuisine.

Cinnamon has a distinctive and unique smell and is frequently used, as it can be used in sweet and savoury recipes and in medical prescriptions, which treat many stomach problems.

Turmeric (quekoum)

Moroccan spices

It is what is known as turmeric, as it is one of the distinctive types of Moroccan spices, as it has many benefits, and is used to add a very distinctive flavour and colour to food, such as rice, chicken, and many rich and useful sauces. In the Maghreb, turmeric is abundantly served in a Moroccan tagine.

Ginger (skinjbir)

Moroccan spices

Ginger is one of the main Moroccan spices that is used extensively in the countries of the Maghreb, especially as it is one of the main ingredients of Ras El-Hanout spices, which is used in Morocco as a secret of cooking that can give food a unique and unparalleled taste, mixing ginger with Basibisa and a wide range of spices.

Ginger contains a distinctive aromatic oil that gives food a very pleasant and sweet aroma and has many benefits that make it one of the most important spices in Arab countries.

Seaseme seeds (jinjelan)

Moroccan spices
Seaseme seeds 

One of the distinctive grains that are widely used in Morocco, and it has many benefits that provide the body with nutrients, and it is very useful for eyesight, prevents dizziness, helps to get rid of colds and colds, and has a great deal in treating ear pain, and treats bacteria, microbes and viruses.

Cumin (kamoon)

Moroccan spices

Cumin is one of the very distinctive Moroccan spices in all Arab and international kitchens, as it has many benefits and more wonderful flavour, and in the Maghreb, it is used in Moroccan tagine to give a distinctive and unparalleled flavour, as it is included in baked goods, and foods that may harm the colon, no Especially it eliminates gas and flatulence, so it is one of the favourite spices, which is abundant in the countries of the Maghreb.

Paprika (felfla hlouwa)

Moroccan spices
felfla hlouwa

Sweet pepper, or what is known as paprika, is one of the distinctive spices, which is widely used in Asian and European countries, and recently it has become in many Arab cuisines, and it is a dried and ground sweet pepper, and it can be found in several colours red, yellow or green, according to the colours Characteristic of sweet pepper.

It is considered the beginning of paprika, in the countries of Mexico, America, and the Antilles, and is considered one of the rich spices, which gives food a sweet and distinctive taste.

Black pepper (elbezar)

Moroccan spices
Black pepper 

It is one of the spices that cannot be dispensed with in any kitchen. All kitchens in the world, whether Arab, foreign, or African, use brown pepper, which is known in the Maghreb countries as albazar. There is also white pepper for white foods, called bezar, and there is also a herb.

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Aniseed (nafaa)

Moroccan spices

The beneficial is anise, and it is one of the spices that dates back to the eastern Mediterranean region, and is used to bring many benefits to the body, treats colon and stomach problems, works to calm the nerves and relax and helps a quiet and healthy sleep, as it is recommended for all age groups and is used in making many foods, drinks and home prescriptions, to treat stomach cramps and pain.

Cardamom (Lhel)

Moroccan spices

lhel, cardamom, or Qaqla are all names for a distinctive herb and it is one of the spices used in Moroccan cuisine, and it has many benefits, and it is one of the basics of all Arab cuisine and the Middle East in particular, and it rids the body of toxins, improves the performance of the digestive system, and helps to Improving mood, eliminating anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, helping to maintain youth and delaying signs of ageing, it is one of the spices that can be talked about without sufficiency.

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Carnation (krenfel)

Moroccan spices

It is one of the types of spices that are used to add a distinct flavour to foods. It is also used to relieve tooth pain, strengthen immunity and treat infections.

It also treats gingivitis, relieves pain, treats respiratory problems, has a major role in sexual health, works to control blood sugar, contributes to improving The function of the liver, supports the digestive system, and enhances the digestion process.

It also contains a distinct group of vitamins A, C, and K. It has a great role in Moroccan tagines and enters into distinctive and beneficial recipes for the body.

Arab cuisine is famous for its distinctive spices, especially in the Arab Maghreb, where chefs excel in presenting The best dishes.


Moroccan spices

Nutmeg is one of the very useful spices, which adds a distinctive and wonderful taste to meals and tagine, and has many benefits that distinguish it, as it relieves pain, enhances immunity, improves skin, regulates blood pressure, contributes significantly to lowering cholesterol level, and prevents heart attacks. However, according to Islamic law, it is obligatory to use a little of it, as a lot of it is forbidden.


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