4 Best Mountains of Morocco to Visit

Explore the mountains of Morocco, UNESCO sites, and the diverse landscape of Morocco. Wherever you travel in this North African country, you’ll find something remarkable and different.

Mountains of Morocco

Mountains of morocco

The Atlas Mountains are the most prominent feature of the Moroccan landscape. The range is a natural border between Morocco and Algeria and has a length of about 900 kilometres. Morocco has many mountains, but the Atlas Mountains are by far the most important. These mountains are also home to some of Morocco’s most famous landmarks, like Mount Toubkal, Mount Zaghouan, and Jebel el Kest. in this article we will mention 4 names of the Moroccan Atlas mountains

High Atlas mountain range

The High Atlas mountain range is the highest mountain range in northern Africa, rising about 4,167 meters above sea level, and its highest peak is called Jebel Toubkal, and this chain extends in North Africa through several countries, including Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, where it reaches Its extension is about 700 km.

The High Atlas mountain range is divided geographically into northern and southern parts; The northern part is characterized by the spread of vegetation in it, as it is covered by areas of forests of cork, oak, pine, cedar, and other trees, while the southern part is of a barren nature due to its exposure to the dry desert winds, The High Atlas mountain range is important because of its proximity to the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, so it attracts visitors to carry out various activities.

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Middle Atlas mountain range

The Middle Atlas mountain range is characterized by its most fertile soil among the other Atlas mountain ranges, as it is covered with dense forests that include oak and cedar trees in the north, in which water lakes are spread, and is home to the macaque monkey, It is worth noting that it is home to the Amazigh peoples, where their towns are spread.

This chain extends over a distance of up to 350 km, starting from the south of the city of Fez and Meknes and heading south towards the city of Marrakesh, and its maximum height at the summit of Mount Bonasser reaches about 3340 meters above sea level, It also includes a number of mountain peaks that reach a height of about 3000 meters, and are less rugged than the High Atlas Mountains.

The general climate in the Middle Atlas range is described as cold in winter and mild in summer, and the rate of snowfall increases due to its height, so it attracts visitors to practice skiing in Ifrane National Park, which is one of the few ski resorts on the continent of Africa.

The Anti-Atlas mountain range

The Anti-Atlas mountain range extends parallel to the Middle Atlas mountain range in the north and south of the continent of Africa and is surrounded by the Souss plains, extending to the Atlantic coast in the Sidi Ifni region.

This chain is described as barren and very rugged, with an average height of 1500 meters, while some mountain peaks reach about 1800 meters, It is worth mentioning that it is linked at its end to the High Atlas Mountains chain, where it meets with it at the summit of the volcanic Jebel Sirwa, which reaches a height of about 3304 meters.

The Middle Atlas mountain range has a warm and dry climate in winter, Because it is located in the southern range of Morocco, and there are wonderful rock formations spread in it, the most important of which is the Grand Canyon formation located in the Moroccan region of Tafraout.

Visitors also enjoy the volcanic views of Mount Sirwa, which is located between the High Atlas Mountains and the sand dunes in the Taliouine region.

Rif mountain range

The Rif mountain range is located in the far north of Morocco, and extends for about 260 km parallel to the Mediterranean coast, starting from the Moroccan city of Tangiers down to the Moulouya River valley near the Moroccan-Algerian border, It reaches its maximum height at the top of Tadgin Mountain, where it reaches a height of about 2456 meters.

The Rif mountain range is characterized by the prevalence of minerals in its mountains, especially iron. It is also characterized by its view of limestone cliffs, flowing streams, and many valleys due to the rugged nature of the area. Tourists come to enjoy the views of the mountain ranges and to visit Tlassimtan National Park

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