7 Best Islands of Morocco| most of them are occupied

Other than Ceuta and Melilla, there are many islands of morocco occupied today, which are absent from the acquaintances of many Moroccans and Arabs, so let’s get to know them together in this article.

islands of morocco


It is one of the Arab countries located in the far northwest of the continent of Africa. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, and its capital is the city of Rabat. It is administratively divided into sixty-two governorates and sixteen destinations, Its land area is 710,830 km², its population is 33,848.242 million, according to the statistics of 2014, and its climate varies between a Mediterranean climate, a desert climate, and an oceanic climate.

Islands of Morocco

Morocco contains fourteen islands:

Al-Bran Island

is called Burhan Island. Its territory is 0.0712 km², and its population is twenty-one, according to the statistics of 2011 AD. It is geographically located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is located astronomically at longitude 3.0367 degrees west of the Greenwich line, and at a latitude of 35,945 degrees. north of the equator.

Al-Bran is one of the disputed islands between Morocco and Spain. Morocco refuses to recognize Spanish rule over it. Morocco also calls on Spain to enter into a network of direct negotiations with it in order to retrieve it. To this day, the United Nations has not classified it among the occupied areas.

ichvarn islands

It is called the Jafari Islands in Arabic, and it is an archipelago consisting of three small islands: Aisha Island, Edo Island, and Asni Island, It is directly under the rule of the Spanish government, as it has been occupied by Spain since 1848 AD, and the area of ​​the island is 0.525 km², and its population is two hundred people. It is located astronomically at a longitude of 2.43333 degrees west of the Greenwich line, and at a latitude of 35.18333 north of the equator.

Al Hoceima Islands

It is an archipelago consisting of three small islands: Mar Island, La Tierra Island, and Al Hoceima Rock. It is geographically located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the western side of it. It is under the rule of Spain. Its land area is 0.046 km², and its highest peak is twenty-seven. metres.

Qumira Island

Badis Island or Qumira Island, which is a rock connected to the Moroccan beach “sandy isthmus” overlooking the Mediterranean, about 30 km from Al Hoceima, is directly under the government of Madrid, and only a few Spanish soldiers live in it, and no one understands why Spain insists on This piece of rock has been held for centuries, even though it has no resources or is of strategic importance.

It was under the control of the Spaniards since the beginning of the sixteenth century, and in 1522 Ali Abul-Hassan, who would later become ruler of the Kingdom of Fez, launched an attack on the island, killing the entire Spanish garrison, and then submitted it to the Ottoman forces that helped him obtain the city of Larache, before That the Spaniards regain the island again in 1564.

On the morning of August 29, 2012, seven Moroccan activists from the “Committee for the Liberation of Ceuta and Melilla” placed the flags of Morocco on the rock. The Spanish soldiers arrested some of them, while the rest escaped.

Zafarin islands

Also called the Shafarin Islands (meaning thieves) and the Zafarin (Spanish word means gold), which is a group of three islands (Congress Island, Isla Isabel, and Del Rey), with a total area of about half a square kilometre, located directly off Morocco, 3.3 kilometres away Only from the Moroccan city of Ras El-Maa, however it is under Spanish control.

The islands were initially uninhabited and were not claimed by anyone, but starting in the year 1830 with the wave of European colonialism, the ambitions of France, Britain, Germany and Spain appeared around them as a strategic military area, but none of them wanted to enter into a confrontation, especially with European competition intensified at that time, and in 1948 the French government decided to break the deadlock and sent a ship to it from Oran under the command of Marshal McMahon in order to occupy the islands.

The Spaniards knew the intention of the French, so they quickly sent a warship that seized the islands in the name of Queen Isabel II before the arrival of the French. Since then, it has been under the possession of the Spaniards, even if it is adjacent to Morocco. Today, its population is close to a thousand people, between civilians and the military, and it embraces 9 species of marine life that are threatened with extinction.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an archipelago of 17 islands, located 100 kilometres west of Morocco on its Atlantic coast, and although they are more than a thousand kilometres from the Iberian Peninsula, they belong to the Spanish state, inhabited by about two million people in an area estimated at seven thousand square kilometres, which is Autonomous region.

The Canary Archipelago includes seven main islands (from the largest to the smallest in the region): Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hero, in addition to other small islands, visited by nearly 12 million visitors annually, due to its picturesque nature and temperate tropical climate.

Layla Island

It is also called Toura Island, Marjan Island, or Al-Madanos Island. It is a small, uninhabited, rocky island with an area of no more than 15 hectares, 200 km from the Moroccan coast, and a few kilometres west of occupied Ceuta, which almost caused a war between Morocco and the Spaniards in the year 2002.

Portugal captured the island in 1415 along with the conquest of Ceuta, on the neighbouring island of Morocco, and then came under the control of King Philip I, who was king of Spain and Portugal at the same time, and when the union of the two countries was divided in 1640, the island remained in the king of Spain, Until the latter raised the flag of colonialism from northern Morocco in 1956, so that Morocco considered the island to be within its territorial waters, but it remained empty.

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