8 Best Popular Marrakech Festivals

Marrakech festivals have many famous Music festivals, which is also a source of attraction for many celebrities from around the world.

Marrakech Festivals

Popular Marrakech Festivals

The city is not limited to one festival but extends to several festivals, all of which are more beautiful than some of them and have many beautiful events, Including the Arts Festival, the Marrakech Film Festival, and other diverse festivals that characterize the city.

In this article, we will give you your guide from within the Moroccan state of Marrakesh to learn about the best Marrakech festivals and events in Marrakech that you can enjoy going there.
The most prominent Marrakech festivals

1. The National Folk Arts Festival:

It is one of the oldest folkloric festivals in Marrakech, and this festival includes the local traditional music for which the city is famous, theatre, poetry, and art.

Artists come from neighbouring villages and perform many beautiful performances during the opening night, and this festival contains a different and varied mix of the finest fine arts.

There you will find there a group of French, Algerian and Moroccan artists and rock singers who display different types of arts in the open air and this festival is held in July of every year.

2. Oasis Festival:

Is the only famous music festival it have Many beautiful and fun celebrations held there, as you can enjoy ski trips, yoga courses and swimming in the shade of the Atlas Mountains.

oasis festival is held at Falah Hotel located on Eureka Road not far, about 20 minutes drive from the city centre, and this festival includes many DJs and contains 3 to 4 stages and stays in 3 days.

3. Beat Hotel festival

Beat Hotel Marrakech is a brand new Marrakech festivals experience set in Morocco’s capital of culture. An immersive stage at the one and only Glastonbury, the festival staple is taking up residence at a new home this summer.

Known for presenting lineups of DJs and producers outside of the mainstream, Beat Hotel champions a creative balance of danceability and artistry. 

This Marrakech festival is held at Falah Hotel located on Eureka Road not far, about 20 minutes drive from the city center, and this festival includes many Dj’s and contains 3 to 4 scenes and stays in 3 days like oasis

4. The 10th TEDX Festival:

Held on October 21, it is one of the best cultural festivals in Marrakech based on self-respect and cultural exchange, in which the characters share amazing life stories with each other.

This festival is interspersed with a series of breaks for communication and live music.

5. Marrakech International Film Festival:

After several sessions held in Marrakech for the International Film Festivals in Marrakech, this festival has become one of the international festivals, and even one of the most important festivals held in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The reason for the popularity of this festival is that it comes to visit many famous filmmakers around the world.

The festival also honors European and American cinematographic works in addition to Arab and American jobs.

This Marrakech festival is held in December of every year and dates back to 2001. It is an exciting festival and always includes a strong jury like Martin Scorsese.

6. Biennale Festival:

This festival is held every two years from February to May. It is a contemporary art exhibition that presents all arts from different sides such as cinematic art, literary art, music art, and others.

This festival aims to build intellectual bridges by developing them with culture, and this wonderful art event, which extends for many months, attracts the most famous artists from around the world.

In it, all important topics are discussed, and many successful artworks are presented. It is based on the impact of facilities, workshops, and important talks that discuss all the important events that society and the world are exposed to.

7. The Car Race in Marrakesh:

This Marrakech festival is held in April, from 7 to 9 April, ie it extends for a period of three days. This race is the largest event of its kind in all of Africa.

In it, you will find more than a hundred types of supercars that are characterized by their very high speed and have many skilled drivers. If car racing inspires you and raises your spirit of fun and excitement, do not miss going there.

8. Marrakech International Marathon:

This marathon is held regularly every year and attracts more than eight thousand athletes from all over the world to run a fast race around the city walls.

Meanwhile, there will be another half-marathon for a distance of twenty-one kilometres for young children. This marathon also coincides with the Moroccan Marathon Championship.

The history of this marathon dates back to 1987 and was held under the presidency of the King of the country and is organized by the High Atlas Association.

The Marrakesh Marathon in Morocco is one of the fastest circuits in the world, as it is characterized by the level method and the moderate atmosphere in which it is held, as it is held in the winter every year, and this of course greatly affects the results of the professionals who participate in the race, as they often achieve less time Two hours and ten minutes.

The race takes place with runners competing with each other from the beginning of the race to the palm forest, then the Akdar gardens, then the city centre, followed by the olive gardens, and then the finish line that started from the race.

This festival was ranked by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 2013 in sixth place in the world after other marathons such as the Dubai Marathon and the London Marathon, which all came in the previous ranks.

This marathon is funded by several different Moroccan authorities, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the state of Marrakesh, the Royal Moroccan University that specializes in athletics, the Regional Council of Marrakech and the Moroccan National Tourism Office, as well as the presence of a number of other funders from national companies and companies of the city of Morocco.

You can participate in the marathon alongside professionals through accredited travel agencies and the marathon organizing association.

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