8 Best Rivers in Morocco to Visit

in this article, we will mention the best rivers in morocco to live an unforgettable experience. If you looking for the best road trip experience, Morocco is one of the destinations that you want.

rivers in morocco

Rivers in morocco

the Kingdom of Morocco is located in North Africa, and the country is bordered on the east and southeast by the southern desert, on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the north by the Mediterranean Sea.

As for the capital, it is the city of Rabat, which is located a short distance to the north on the Atlantic coast, and one of the largest cities in Casablanca, which is a commercial and industrial centre, and the port cities are located such as Tanger on the Strait of Gibraltar, the city of Agadir on the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Al Hoceima on the Mediterranean Sea.

Water wealth

The State of Morocco possesses approximately 22 billion cubic meters/year of conventional renewable water resources, which is equivalent to 730 cubic meters/year for each of its members, before taking into account the drought years experienced by the State of Morocco in the nineties, but in the year 2000 AD,

The total resources of renewable water by about 29 billion cubic meters, Of these 16 billion cubic meters of surface water and 4 billion cubic meters of groundwater.

It is estimated that in 2004, 13.5 billion cubic meters, or 67% of these available water resources in Morocco, 83% of them for agriculture and 17% for industrial and municipal uses, were withdrawn.

However, these water resources are subject to deterioration due to pollution, as is the case in the Sebou basin, and on the other hand, the State of Morocco contains a hundred dams of various sizes with a storage capacity of 15 billion cubic meters.

The Names of the Rivers in Morocco

Morocco is one of the countries rich in water resources, This is because of the high rates of rain that fall in it, and it also consists of several rivers that are natural watercourses resulting from rain or water emanating from the ground. The names of Morocco’s rivers and information about them will be mentioned in the following:

Amini River

The Amini River is one of the names of the rivers. It flows from the eastern Atlas Mountains and then to the Ouarzazate River, which crosses the Draa River. The river is characterized by fresh water and the surrounding areas with lush green grass.

Dades River

The Dades River is one of the names of the rivers in Morocco, and it is a tributary of the Draa River. The river originates from the Atlantic Ocean and then flows south through the Fagh Dades crossing and then heads west between the mountain ranges of the High Atlas and finally meets with the Ouarzazate River to flow together with the Draa River.

Seasonally and to a very high degree, especially in the period between January to April, after rain and melting snow.

Noun River

The Noun River, or the so-called Noun Valley, is one of the rivers in Morocco, located in the far south of the country, 70 km north of the Draa River.

Tensift River

The Tensift River is located in central Morocco, which originates from the High Atlas in the east, and passes north of Tizi Nichika. It also passes near the city of Marrakesh and then enters the Atlantic Ocean near the old fortress, about 40 km south of the city of Safi. According to the rainfall.

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The Longest River in Morocco

The longest rivers in Morocco originate from the Atlas Mountains, and most of them flow towards the Atlantic Ocean, and only one main river flows from them to the north. The longest rivers in Morocco are as follows:

Draa River

The Draa River is one of the names of the rivers in Morocco and its longest, which extends for a distance of up to 684 miles.

The Atlantic provided water for many people, moreover, it has a wonderful landscape that holds a rich cultural history, which made it a tourist attraction. As for the biodiversity of the river, it consists of aquatic plants found on the eastern side of the river and forty species of fish threatened with death.

Because of pesticide pollutants and untreated sewage from the river’s inhabitants, most of these inhabitants are said to be Berbers.

Umm al-Rabia River

The Umm Rabia River is one of the rivers in Morocco and the second-longest in it. It covers a distance of 345 miles from its source to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the abundance of water.

Moulouya River

The Moulouya River is the third-longest rivers in Morocco, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The river is characterized by containing a variety of birds such as flamingos, and its water wealth, such as fish.

In 2011, a number of these fish died in the river due to pollutants resulting from the river residents spraying their crops and livestock.

Sebou River

One of the most important rivers in Morocco, the Sebou River, is the largest river in North Africa, which pours its waters into the Atlantic Ocean.

It also contains a variety of animals and plants, and different types of water wealth such as fish, which are under threat and threat, Because of pollutants from pesticides and untreated sewage, the Sebou River nevertheless plays an important role in the irrigation process, making it supportive of agriculture in Morocco’s most fertile region.

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