9 Best cities to visit in morocco

In this article, we will provide the best cities to visit in morocco during your travel to the kingdom of morocco.

best cities to visit in morocco
cities in morocco

Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco speaks for itself without publicity. The ancient kingdom with a long and rich history succeeded in overcoming the barrier of 11 million tourists in 2017, with its amazing tourist diversity that makes every city in morocco taste and enjoys different from the other.

Morocco is distinguished by its location on two sea fronts, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, which gave it stunning stretches of beaches.

On the other hand, its view of the Atlas Mountains has helped attract more tourists to practice winter sports, while the development and luxury that the Kingdom is currently experiencing have helped provide arenas for practising sports such as golf, equestrian and wild hunting.

On the other hand, cities in Morocco are full of archaeological and religious monuments that represent the various civilizations that the country has experienced. In your opinion, do you still need more reasons to make the decision to travel to Morocco?

Best cities to visit in morocco

here are the best cities to visit in Morocco

Tourism in Marrakech

Marrakesh is the third largest city in Morocco by area and the most important and attractive to tourists due to its pleasant climate, especially during the period from September to May.

Marrakech is characterized as one of the most important tourist cities in Morocco with its many municipal baths that tourists resort to in order to experience sometimes while obtaining a degree of relaxation and recreation, with its narrow and intertwined alleys filled with colourful popular markets where various handicrafts shine, so it was called the Red City.

It is also famous for its ancient doors and mosques dating back to the Middle Ages, especially the palaces of the 16th century, the palm trees that made it the capital of palm trees in Morocco, and finally, the good folk food and the shows of magic and snakes in the heart of the famous El Fna Square.

Tourism in Tangier

Tangier can be described as one of the most beautiful cities in morocco, due to its stunning nature, reflected by its port, which witnesses the moments of convergence of the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean, which can be observed through the tourist resorts along the coast, while the Ramilat forest is the only green outlet in the city.

On the historical and archaeological side, Tangier includes a large number of mosques, churches and ancient palaces that attract the attention of thousands of tourists visit the city, including the Kasbah Mosque, the Great Mosque, the Spanish Church, St. Andrew’s Church, the city walls extending for two thousand meters, the Kasbah of Gilan and Dar Al Makhzen.

Like other cities in Morocco, Tangier enjoys the availability of popular markets that sell their traditional products, the most famous of which is the Souk El Dakhil, the Grand Souk.

Tourism in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen, or the Blue City, as tourists call it before its original inhabitants, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, because of its calm and beauty, reflected in the blue view that covers its streets and traditional rural homes.

This is in addition to its privileged location on top of the famous Rif Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast and its dense green forests. You can imagine the beauty that mixing green with blue can leave in a small city and the happiness that this leaves in yourself.

During your visit to Chefchaouen, you can enjoy safari and camping trips in the mountains and valleys, or visit its archaeological sites such as the Kasbah Museum, Wata El Hammam Square and the old city with its simple neighbourhoods, alleys, antique streets and weekly market.

Tourism in Casablanca

Morocco is the largest and most important city on the financial and economic level, and there is no doubt that it is also on the tourism level thanks to the civilizational and architectural development that it witnessed during the 20th century to become similar to several Arab and European countries that take from each of them a characteristic and come out with a unique entity of their own alone, as it is one of the places where tourism flourishes Significantly.

The sights in Casablanca are characterized by being a mixture of the simplicity and classicism of the past, which appears in its low-rise buildings, its ancient neighbourhoods, its archaeological monuments and its historical streets, whose buildings have an elegant European touch, with the modernity and modernity of the present that appears in the skyscrapers and luxury shopping centres.

Tourism in Rabat

The administrative capital of Morocco and the city of culture and arts in it. It has a long history dating back to the 12th century and archaeological landmarks that attract tourists from all over for tourism in Morocco.

During your visit to Rabat, you can visit the gates of the old city, the most famous of which are the Oudayas and Rouah Gates and enjoy the art exhibitions that are held in their presence, and the huge Almohad wall with its 74 towers and five gates.

The Dar Al-Sultan Grotto and Al-Rawazi Cemetery, which date back to the Stone Age and include human fossils and wonderful ceramic and ivory holdings, mixing with Moroccan craftsmen at the Folklore Museum and watching the collections of the Archeology Museum, the Udaya Museum and other museums that are full of the ancient Moroccan city.

Tourism in Tetouan

An ancient Moroccan city dating back to the third century BC, the name Tetouan stuck to it since the 11th century to witness reconstruction and renewal in the 15th century.

Tetouan or the White Dove, in relation to the famous downtown statue, was one of the most mixed cities in morocco with ancient Andalusia and modern Spain, It is still evident in the holdings of its museums that narrate its ancient history, its archaeological buildings and its old buildings, which are in the midst of newer buildings that keep pace with the spirit of the age.

The city enjoys a picturesque rural nature thanks to its view of the Mediterranean Sea with its location between the Rif Mountains and Darsa near Tangier, which makes it an ideal destination for safari trips and mountain or beach camping while attending the special artistic and cultural events sponsored by the city such as the Oud Festival.

Tourism in Meknes

Meknes is one of the cities of Morocco with a long history that is evident in its gates, antique archaeological walls, mosques, old schools and luxurious royal palaces.

Meknes is famous for its lush gardens, which are an ideal recreational picnic for families and children, including play areas, zoos and open theatres. At the level of shopping, the city is famous for the cultivation of olives and grapes and the extraction of olive oil, which makes them among the most prominent commodities in its popular markets.

For adventure lovers, you will find many of them in Meknes. The city, which seems to you traditional until this moment, has a number of mountain peaks famous for its winter snow, which provides you with great opportunities for skiing, the most famous of which are Ifrane and Michlifen, in addition to providing hunting grounds in Khenifra and Azrou.

Tourism in Agadir

The coastal nature and pleasant temperate climate most of the year made it an ideal destination that drives tourists from all over the world to travel to Morocco to spend their annual holidays, especially during the winter season when the climate is more pleasant.

Due to its summer nature, it was natural for the most beautiful tourist cities in Morocco to enjoy the proliferation of high-end hotels and resorts that reflect Moroccan culture and civilization in their designs and décor, without neglecting the modern touch.

On the recreational level, Agadir provides its visitors with opportunities to practice various sports such as golf, equestrian and tennis, and is unique from other cities in morocco with its therapeutic tourism using sea water or “tlasuterabi”.

Tourism in Fez

The second oldest and largest city in Morocco, dating back to the era of the Idrisid state in the 8th century AD, witnessed the construction of most of the monuments in the city now, along with the Marinid state.

Perhaps the most famous of these landmarks are mosques such as the mosque of al-Qarawiyyin, madrasas such as al-Attarin, al-Qarawiyyin and Ben Youssef, the city walls and its eight gates, which are famous for their arches and carved decorations.

Geographically, the city overlooks the Fez River, while many springs, springs and waterfalls that flow into the Siu River burst from its rocks, making it a magical and distinct experience to enjoy the scenic view while taking the most beautiful pictures or winning a wonderful river trip.

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