9 Top Reasons to Visiting Morocco

today we’re going to go over the top reasons every American should visiting Morocco right now even if you are not American you will still take the advantage of this article and these reasons will apply to most of them so you hope you enjoy the article and we will start with our list now. 

visiting morocco

Why every American should visiting Morocco?

First reason

for taking this flight at the moment is to find a morocco that is not crowded with tourists Morocco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and now you will have the opportunity to explore sleepy medinas quiet beaches and many a range of experiences that will be more authentic without the presence of thousands of tourists it’s a bonus if you like surfing because there will be fewer people programming.

Second Reason 

will be to experience Islamic culture now it could be something foreign to many Americans, it is very different from what we have seen on television throughout our lives and through what we are told so if you come to Morocco, you will find a hospitable culture with a lot of peace and brotherhood between people it is really an experience.

Did you know that Morocco was America’s first brother yes shortly after independence Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States as a country, they celebrate a long history of cooperation and I have found more Moroccans than Americans are aware of this fact, so now you know which ones bring me to my next point come to Morocco to learn.

Reason Number three 

there is so much to learn here from the food to culture to language you don’t learn only in schools sometimes taking a trip is the best way to get the education you need you’ll quickly learn where your ignorance lies and learn from many lessons in the process 

Reason Number four

for visiting Morocco is the weather and climate in winter we are in the northern hemisphere we always enjoy a sunny sky further south in Morocco tordakla temperatures will be warmer and you can find any temperature throughout the year, mountainous regions from the north to the coast, from the desert when it rains here, it is really time for the party, it’s so rare that it rains people are so happy that it smells good afterward and there are often rainbows which are very beautiful 

Number five Reason 

is ​​going to be food there is a wide range of dishes in morocco and everything is very tasty the long you are here, the deeper your knowledge of cuisine growth, and you will experience your first tagin, msamen if you are lucky even rfisa and Bastilla now being a major tourist destination in a popular place many cuisines can be found here, there is a wide range of restaurants in all major tourist towns, but don’t forget Moroccan cuisine ranked number two globally

Reason Number six 

 now what people love to do other than on vacation they like shopping, in morocco, you have a lot to do high-end stores in malls to dusty weekly souks where you can find everything in between and a lot of fun can be had in learning to haggle the prices are sometimes fixed in the stores, they will display them but a large part of the business in Morocco continues with negotiations, so brush up on your haggling skills, and be prepared.

Reason Number seven

 every American should travel to Morocco right now is affordable once you are here there is a wide range of accommodation and food available, of course, there are fancy riads in Marrakech if you are looking to find some luxury and new relaxation 

Reason Number eight 

will be the diversity of the landscapes which includes the mountain deserted beach and these are used for movie locations Ouarzazate is like Moroccan Hollywood  I had never heard of it before coming here, but it is a great place where many Hollywood films have been produced.

The diverse city includes towns and villages as well as old medieval medinas and Marrakech the old Portuguese-style towns Essaouira and even the modern vibe of Agadir after its destruction by an earthquake before.

so these are our 9 reasons to visit Morocco right now, especially if you are American, anyone can come from a visa-exempt country, check that with your local consulate all you need is a negative PCR test, as well as a hotel reservation so, hope to take advantage of this article.

All other reasons drop them in the comments, of course, there is so much more to this rich country so a lot of diversity in people, language culture food it’s impossible to cover everything in this article and we have to stay on schedule.

hope to see you someday in Morocco for a mint tea which is not even on the list but come here for your mint tea for sure

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