Beautiful Morocco: Tourist Features in Morocco

Beautiful Morocco is an Arab country located in the far northwest of the African continent. Its capital is the city of Rabat, and its largest city is Casablanca, which is the economic capital.

beautiful morocco

Morocco is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Strait of Gibraltar comes between them. The south, with an area of about 710,850 square kilometres, is inhabited by about 34.38 million people, according to the 2015 census.

Tourist features in Beautiful Morocco

Morocco is one of the best places to go for tourism, This is due to its captivating nature, its many valleys, plains, rivers and orchards, in addition to its wonderful view of two of the most important water bodies in the world, They are the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and also we find in it the desert embracing the mountains and rivers, thus forming a diverse and wonderful nature that the tourist does not find much, this is apart from its ancient history and its well-known families since antiquity. Hand-made, and it has a lot of antiquities and sports and entertainment venues.

The Beauty of Morocco

The land of Meknes

The land of Meknes, located next to the green carpet, is considered one of the most beautiful places in beautiful Morocco, which is similar to the gardens of Andalusia. It has many beautiful contemporary buildings, which are adjacent to monuments, museums, decorated gates, and many green domes that distinguish the Maghreb from other countries, and these monuments include Roman monuments, Caves, caves, and palaces and mosques. In Meknes, there are many elderly sheikhs who tell their grandchildren the secrets of this historical state.

Antique Streets

Mohammed V Street is considered the largest and most beautiful street in the capital because of the large green square that comes in the middle of it, many palm trees, cafes and shops on its sides, and there are many antique streets in all cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, distinguished by green plants climbing on its walls, in addition to many colourful flowers that spread Its scent is everywhere, and this scent is the hallmark of these streets.


The museums of the Kingdom of Morocco are filled with many hand-made artefacts; Such as the antiques in each the Museum of Moroccan Art located in Tangier, the Archeology Museum located in Tetouan, and the Dar Batha Museum in Fez, which contains many carpets and many distinctive ceramic pieces.

In general, all Moroccan markets are rich in beautiful and diverse handicrafts, In Salé, Meknes and Tetouan, we find wooden carvings of various shapes, and in the souks of Fez, we find various pottery works, while in Marrakech and Casablanca we find handcrafted leather works such as the famous Moroccan shoes.

The people of Morocco are famous for their wonderful art of weaving carpets and hand embroidery full of colours, and one of the most important Moroccan hand embroideries is the Moroccan dress known for its drop-down hat, which no tourist comes to Morocco without buying at least one of these beautiful and distinctive clothes, and the people of Morocco manufacture heritage silver jewellery and gold jewellery For women to adorn themselves with the Moroccan dress, there are, for example, anklets, and elaborate necklaces, which are found especially in the city of Fez.

Folk Arts

The beauty of Morocco is famous for its wonderful folk art, where Moroccan folklore is a distinctive folk art that every tourist tries to learn and imitate, in addition to Moroccan folk songs and traditional music that attract not a few visitors to hear and be surprised by it, and there are festivals held every year in Morocco to revive Moroccan folklore and arts.

The popularity that remains throughout the year in weddings and occasions, They are part of any occasion in Morocco.

Moroccan Kitchen

The country of Morocco is distinguished by meals that differ from the meals of the Arab world. It contains the famous Moroccan couscous, which is considered one of the basic and traditional meals in it, in addition to the most famous types of Moroccan sweets, such as Al-Mallouza and Kaab Ghazal, in addition to the special drinks that are served to welcome guests and tourists, such as Moroccan tea Perfumed with mint, and there is also seafood, which is found throughout Morocco in abundance due to its view of the sea.

Trips and Roaming

There are many trips in Morocco that give the visitor an idea of the beauty of morocco, such as trips to ride sand dunes surrounded by water and palms, there are horse festivals and races, and a lot of exploration trips to museums and archaeological sites in most cities of Morocco.

in addition to drive-by trips The quadruple in many tourist establishments, which makes the tourist tour all of Morocco, and there are special trips to the city of Tangiers overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered one of the signs of the beauty of Morocco.

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In beautiful morocco, there are many fortified cities built by the ancient Portuguese, which are considered the first welcome visitors, as the gates of Azemmour, Larache, Asilah, Safi and Essaouira open to be a quiet place where visitors spend their first days in Morocco, and there is the Kasbah road, which provides a natural meeting between Spectacular landscapes that are not similar to generate a natural masterpiece, with golden sands, and snowy mountain peaks that attract many visitors.

there are crossings and deep gorges that are a distinguished place for practising jogging, there are oases of singing along the Draa River, and there is the Dades Incubator Road To the best quality palm plantations and the best flower orchards, all these roads lead to the kasbah, especially the roads of Ouarzazate and Errachidia.

The Four Ancient Cities

Throughout the ages, the city of Fez, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Rabat have been considered the four capitals of the State of Morocco, as there was a capital in every era, and there is a journey known as the journey of a thousand kilometres, which is a journey of a lifetime for any visitor, as it roams the four cities that They were the capitals of the Kingdom of Morocco.

On this trip, the visitor sees in each city details and features that differ from the other city, and during roaming between these cities the visitor passes through Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Essaouira, and the Kasbah Road, and thus this trip is a historical imprint in the memory Everyone who visits it.

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