City of Casablanca: Best 6 info about the City

City of Casablanca


The city of Casablanca is one of the Moroccan cities, also called darlbeda, which represents the Greater Casablanca region, and it also belongs to the Lower Chaouia region. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, located approximately 95 km south of the Moroccan capital, Rabat, on the Atlantic coast.

The Location of the City of Casablanca

Casablanca is located in the Maghreb. It is bordered to the north by the Bilad Zaer plateau, and to the south of this city is the extension of the Chaouia region, while it is bordered to the northwest by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the east, it is bordered by the plateau known as the Ben Suleiman plateau. It is one of the cities located to the north of the equator, and from this location, this city has a good economic level and an important position.

Inhabitants of Casablanca

The population of the city of Casablanca is estimated at about 4 million and 750 thousand people, and its total area is estimated at approximately 870 km². Administratively, this city was divided into 6 major municipalities: Ain Chek, Anfa, Ain Sebaa, Sidi Al-Bernousi, Ben Amsik, and Al-Fida.

The Economy of the City of Casablanca

The city of Casablanca is the economic capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, as this city alone contains approximately 55% of the total production units located in it, and also contains approximately 60% of the total workforce working in the industry in Morocco.

This city also represents the main financial center of this Kingdom, as it is where the headquarters of various and diversified companies with many nationalities are concentrated. Among the most prominent and most important economic sectors that are popular in this city are the sectors of industry and services, and among the most prominent and important sub-fields that fall under these two major economic sectors are the areas of the automobile and aviation industries, electronic industries, textile industries, food industries, works, tourism, and construction.

Sights of Casablanca

The city of Casablanca contains many important tourist attractions, including the old city, and this ancient city was the number of walls that surrounded this city. The second landmark is the Al-Ahbas neighborhood, and this neighborhood is the one that was built during the protection period, and it is one of the important and distinctive landmarks that is famous for its great beauty and civilization. Also, one of the main important landmarks in this country is the Hassan II Mosque, which is located on the coast of the city of Casablanca.

It is one of the largest and largest mosques in the Kingdom of Morocco and is characterized by its beautiful construction. The minaret of this mosque has a very beautiful Andalusian character. Mohammed V Street is also located in this important city, and this street extends to reach a distance of approximately 2 km, and it is a street that has a special French beauty.

History of the City of Casablanca

The city was founded by the Berbers of the Kingdom of Barghawata in the year 768 AD, and its name was (Anfa). It was founded by the Phoenicians, but the majority of historians believe that it was founded by the Zenati Berbers.

In the old days of the Marinid rule, the city was a small city open to the maritime trade sector with other countries, especially with Portugal and Spain, and its people were sailors working in the field of piracy and attacking ships, specifically the piracy of Portuguese ships, and in the year 1486 AD, the city was destroyed by the Portuguese who attacked it As a result of the piracy of its ships by the city’s residents.

The Portuguese built a fortified castle in the year 1515 AD, but they did not complete its construction after their defeat at the hands of the Marinids, and then the city was destroyed and the tomb of Sidi Allal Kairouan remained. In the year 1830 AD, the trade sector grew in it, but it flourished a lot during the days of the Alawi Sultan Moulay Hassan I, as it became a center for attracting craftsmen and traders.

Advantages of Trading in Casablanca

Among the advantages of trade in Casablanca, the following:

Casablanca is distinguished by its production of many industries, such as textiles, electronics, leatherwork, food packaging, beer production, spirits, and soft drinks. Fishing is important in coastal waters, where the wide continental shelf provides a good fishing area and is characterized by the presence of many species and marine creatures that can be hunted, such as red mullet, turb, sea snakes, crabs, and shrimp.

The rapid commercial progress of Casablanca, and especially the growth of its port, has made it the economic capital of Morocco, where more than half of the country’s banking and industrial production takes place. The city of Casablanca is characterized by having a number of beautiful and attractive beaches and promenades along the waterfront. It contains attractive and distinctive taxis to serve tourists and citizens.

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