Dakhla Morocco: The Best Kitesurf Destination

Dakhla Morocco is a tourist city that is considered the capital of the Dakhla region. Its founding dates back to 1973 AD, and it is located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Dakhla morocco

Dakhla Morocco

Morocco is one of the Arab countries that are rich in definition, and is famous for the reputation of its ancient cities at the global level, as it is the focus of tourists and visitors from all over the world, and Morocco overlooks the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many Moroccan cities and ports along those coasts. The city of Dakhla stole the attention of the cities that overlook the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Together, we will get to know the Moroccan city of Dakhla.

The population of Dakhla city

The population of this city is approximately 70,482 people, according to the latest statistics conducted in 2015, where the population density of this city is approximately one person per square kilometre.

The weather in the city

Average temperatures are about fifteen degrees Celsius, and as for the direction of the wind, it is characterized by being north, at a speed of fourteen kilometres per hour, and as for the humidity, it reaches approximately 87%.

Dakhla City Festival

The Medina Festival is an annual Moroccan festival of Arab music and folklore. The city has hosted these festivals since 2008.

Dakhla City Airport

Dakhla Airport is an international airport located in the city. It is among the largest international airports in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is operated by the National Airports Office of the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics. The airport has a new air terminal that was established in 2010 with international standards in terms of security and quality. It has the capacity to handle approximately 330,000 passengers annually.

The location of Dakhla city

This tourist city is located in the far south of Morocco on the western side of the famous Moroccan desert. It is 600 km away from the Lagouira point, which is the common point between the borders of Morocco and Mauritania. It is 650 km away from the city of El-Ayoun, and it occupies second place in terms of area. After the city of El-Ayoun in the south of the country.

This city is called the Valley of Gold, as well as Villa Thisneris, as the Spaniards called it when they occupied the area and made it a hunting area. the city has a distinctive view of the Atlantic coast.

The geography of Dakhla city

The geographical nature of Dakhla is characterized as a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides, and extending within the waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a distance of forty kilometres, and this long-distance inside the sea characterized this city and hence it was called Dakhla (inside the sea).

What distinguishes it most is its sunny atmosphere all year round, in addition to the winds that blow in it all year round. The climate and weather of Dakhla is a warm climate and it is the most important element of the important tourism elements for any city.

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The most famous thing in the city of Dakhla

it is famous for its diverse and very abundant fish stocks, This made it the focus of the Spaniards’ attention as a stronghold for them to catch fish.

In 1884, the Spaniards were able to colonize Dakhla and establish special bases there until 1975 until its liberation, and the expulsion of colonialism from it during the reign of King Hassan II.

The city is an important economic resource for Morocco, as it is a fish-producing city, where there is an important seaport dedicated to fishing and exporting fish such as sardines, sardines, octopus, and oysters, Sea oysters are among the finest types of fish that are raised in private farms.

The city is characterized by the cleanliness of its vast neighbourhoods and streets. Among its historical monuments are the old Catholic Church built by the Spaniards, the Lembrese Lighthouse and the marine lighthouse built on a sea cliff west of the city, reaching a length of sixty meters.

What attracts visitors to the city of Dakhla is the tranquil Gulf of Oued Eddahab, which is a suitable place for kitsurf, water skiing, and water sports in peace and quiet without any dangers.

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