El Badi Palace: Best Complete Guide

The ornate El Badi Palace, built in the 16th century by King Ahmed Mansour of the Saadi Dynasty, is considered one of the most magnificent palaces in the world “El Badi” means ” unprecedented”.

El Badi palace 
Badi palace

Today, this architectural masterpiece has hosted several festivals, but it remains one of the most visited monuments in the city of Marrakech, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

El Badi Palace

Located within strolling distance of the equally magnificent Bahia Palace, Badi Palace is a popular destination on Marrakech sightseeing tours, as well as day trips to Marrakech from cities such as Essaouira or Casablanca.

Tourists can enjoy the broad prayer hall and grand yard spot the storks that now nest in the old palace walls and see the famous Koutoubia minbar (pulpit), which dates back to the 12th century.

How to get to El Badi Palace

The Badi Palace is located at the southern end of the medina of Marrakech, near the Jewish quarter of Melah. The taxi stopped in front of the palace, just about a 15-minute walk from Jemaa el Fna yard.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • There is an entrance fee to visit the Badi palace.
  • It is best to visit with a guide as no visitor information is available.
  • The palace can be visited in about an hour.
  • Most areas of the castle are accessible.

When to Get to Badi Palace

Badi palace is open every day, but it is best to visit before noon to avoid the heat as there is no shade inside the palace. Every June or July, the palace hosts several festivals such as the National Folk Festival, Marrakech du Rire, live music and dance performances and many other private events in the palace.

El Badi Palace Price

Badi Palace is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, including days when the royals are present. The entrance fee is about 1 USD to 2 USD or 10 Moroccan Dirhams to 20 MAD (just over 1 USD) per person. There is no gift shop, cafe and other amenities on-site, but there are a few nearby.

History of El Badi Palace

King Ahmed Mansour spared no expense in building the Badi Palace, the original palace was adorned with Italian marble, Sultan gold and intricately carved Indian woodwork. The Sultan Moulay Ismail of the subsequent Alaouite dynasty plundered these riches and left them almost completely vacant.

However, visitors can learn about the palace’s former grandeur, with its soaring walls enclosing the remains of a stately reception hall and other royal apartments.

It is estimated that the palace had 360 rooms when it was finished, which took 25 years. The complex also featured dungeons, stables, and a courtyard with numerous pavilions and a sizable central pool.

The pool, which was around 295 feet/90 meters long and used to be a dazzling oasis, would have been used in its prime. El Mansour took full advantage of the chance to display his wealth by hosting dignitaries from all around the world in the palace.

Badi Palace – attractions nearby

El Badi Palace is considered one of the most important and prominent landmarks of archaeological tourism in Marrakech, and it is also one of the most beautiful masterpieces of architecture in the Kingdom of Morocco. During your visit to this historical landmark, do not forget to pass by some of the other landmarks located near the Badi Palace.

  • Bahia Palace is a lofty historical landmark in the heart of the Red City and is located about a 5-minute walk from El Badi Palace.
  • The Saadian Tombs are one of the tourist attractions in Marrakesh, which is characterized by very accurate and splendid decorations. It is a famous archaeological site dating back to 1557 AD and has witnessed many developments throughout history, as it is about a 13-minute walk from the Badi Palace.
  • The Koutoubia Mosque is one of the oldest Moroccan mosques in existence now. The mosque is located in the centre of Marrakesh, near Jamaâ El Fna Square and is about a 20-minute walk from El Badi Palace.
  • Jemaa El-Fna Square is one of the most important and largest central squares in the city, and it includes a group of vendors who specialize in selling many distinctive products and goods at reasonable and reasonable prices. And local that sells the most delicious meals and Moroccan cuisine. Besides, this arena hosts many entertaining entertainment shows such as snake shows of different sizes, singing shows, magic tricks, and many other fun aspects that make this market lively and lively. Jemaa El Fna Square is about a 15-minute walk from El Badi Palace.

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