Ifrane Morocco: Best 7 Tourist Places in the City

Ifrane Morocco is among the best destinations for tourists to enjoy the pleasant and mild weather and has become a park for many Moroccan families, especially in the summer.

ifrane morocco

Ifrane Morocco

Ifrane is also known as an important station for wild hunting lovers, whose season opens in the fall and is known for heavy participation, whether Moroccans or foreigners. Ifrane is also available in many tourist places, including Ain Vital, Micheleven ski station, and many lakes.

Tourist Places in Ifrane

Ifrane Lion

It is also called the statue of the Atlas Lion, and it is a statue located in the centre of the city, it is considered one of its symbols and one of the most visited places for tourists to take souvenir photos. There are conflicting reports about who carved it.

According to the ancient inhabitants of the region and the memoirs of the French Resident-General of Lyautey, a prisoner from the First World War (who differed in his nationality was German or Italian), but the most correct one, according to many archives and many witnesses and references, was Jean-Henri Moreau who built it.

Benhathah, a Frenchman born in Bordeaux, and historical references tell that the process of excavating the lion of Ifrane began in March of the year 1930, and ended at the end of April of the same year, on a rock of seven meters in length and one and a half meters in width and two meters in height. The sculptor has two prisoners in his work.

Ain Vital

It has a spring of fresh and clear water, and it is a unique and wonderful field for practising sports of all kinds, because it contains a very distinct climate, where running and football are practised, in addition to seasonal sports organized by the Vital Sports Association for Fishing and Environmental Conservation, and specializes in By catching local trout.

Ain Vital is an ideal place for picnics with family or friends, especially in the spring. Where this eye attracts thousands of tourists from all over Morocco. Along a few hundred meters from the river, there is a forest of maple and poplar where trekking on horseback is possible, especially in the summer.

Ras Lma (water head)

It is a site characterized by the presence of a cold-water fish breeding station, a station affiliated with the National Center for Aquatic Biology and Fish Breeding. This station was established in 1957 with the aim of increasing the production of trout fish to keep pace with the development of sports fishing, and it is located at an altitude of 1550 meters.

The location of the station was chosen based on the geographical location, the geological nature and the physicochemical quality of the water supplied to the station.

During the first years of operation at this station, the main objective was to produce young local river trout, but soon moved to the breeding of other types of fish, and it is related to the imported iris trout and the hornbill.

Ski Station Michlifen

Michlifen station, which has been open since 1950, is considered an important attraction for winter sports enthusiasts. It is located 17 km from the city of Ifrane, at an altitude of 2000 meters. This station is distinguished by its presence in the midst of cedar forests and is known for snowfall starting in mid-November.

This station offers 5 ski slopes for amateurs or professionals with the possibility of skiing on different slopes. Other activities can also be practised at this station, such as going on a hiking trip, horse riding or climbing trees for an exciting trip. There are also bicycles and mountain bikes at the station to explore the Atlas mountains.

Tourist Train

It is a train that passes through the city’s coolest streets and alleys, allowing its passengers the opportunity to explore traditional and local crafts: there are the weavers who weave their products, the basket makers who win dom and reeds, the shops of pottery and juniper wood objects and charms.

Ifrane National Park

It is a national park consisting mainly of cedar forests, and there is a group of animals such as thrush monkeys, wild pigs, rabbits, foxes, and birds, in addition to other types such as reptiles and amphibians.

The Tour Through the Lakes

is a road that includes a group of visitors, including Daye Awa, Daye Hachlaf, Daye Ifrah, and Daye Ifraa.

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Ifrane Hotels

Ifrane has a number of hotels, the prices for accommodation range between 400 and 700 dirhams, depending on the quality and other services.

The most famous hotel in the city is the Farah Hotel, which is considered a large complex that contains hotel apartments, football, basketball and tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool with water As for guest houses and apartments, their prices start from 300 dirhams.

The city also has one 5-star hotel called the Micheleven Hotel. In Ifrane, there are also a group of summer centres affiliated with social works for the private and public sectors.

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