Imlil Marrakech – 8 Best Things to Do in Imlil

The village of Imlil Marrakech is located at an altitude of 1,740 meters above sea level on the steep side of the High Atlas, Morocco.

imlil valley

Imlil Marrakech

The Moroccan village of Imlil is famous as a site for mountain climbing and hiking, but many are unaware of the rural and traditional atmosphere that this small village offers that makes its visit unique and unparalleled, and it is a destination for those who are attracted by the picturesque nature.

Imlil Marrakech distance

Imlil is located in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains, 70 km from Marrakesh, characterized by its picturesque nature, where almond, olive, apple and apricot trees are spread.

Imlil Toubkal

Imlil is a destination for mountain climbers and nature walkers, especially as it embraces Mount Toubkal (4160 m), which is the highest peak in the region.

Once you reach Imlil, you will hold your breath, especially as the road to it is punctuated by many interesting rugged and winding narrow paths, especially for adventure lovers, and where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valleys.

Imlil day trip

Before reaching Imlil, you have to pass through the villages of Asni, where there are apple and walnut trees, and the villages of Imazighen spread out on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains, where the inhabitants still maintain their simple traditional life.

This mountain village is often the starting point for people climbing the summit of Mount Toubkal. It’s also an excellent location if you just want to enjoy walking in the area.

You can choose between several hiking trails, the longest of which requires a stay of three days in the village to cross, and it enables access to the top of the mountain. These walks are organized by a local guide.

On the way to the top of the mountain, you can pass by the holy shrine, which is known locally as “Sidi Shamhrouch” where a local Muslim ruler is buried. It is one of the important religious places in the region.

On your way to the mountain, you will find many locals selling fresh orange juice and some other drinks.

There is also a beautiful waterfall known as “Tensift” which is located only 30 minutes walk from Imlil.

The site also offers the opportunity to go horseback riding, cycling, or relax on one of the terraces with some Moroccan mint tea and enjoy the scenery.

On-site are hotels and guest houses for an exciting stay not to be missed!

Things to do in Imlil

If you don’t like mountains, then this 70 km trip from Marrakech may not be for you. But if you are a hiker and mountain lover, we cordially welcome you to the Moroccan mountain wonderland.

here are the best things to do in Imlil:

Climbing mount Toubkal

Jebel Toubkal can usually be climbed in two days, the first day reaching the Toubkal refuge (3207m), which is about 7 hours from Imlil. And reaching the summit in 3.5 hours and returning to Imlil in 7 hours on the second day.

Weapon village

Armed is the last village in the Mizane valley before the long hike to the high mountains. It is an important trekking centre with a range of lodges, a small hotel and a campsite.

The valley here, more open than in Imlil, is a nice place to spend a day or to acclimatise before a difficult trek or to recover your forces before descending to Marrakech.

Achaine waterfall

Superb waterfall located at 1850 m, thirty meters high, the Achain waterfall offers a sumptuous spectacle 30 minutes from the centre of Imlil and 10 minutes from Kasbah Du Toubkal.

Tagadirt waterfall

Just 20 minutes from Tagadirt, a pretty path takes you to the waterfall. The starting path is to the right of Village de Targa Imola.

Azzaden valley

To obtain a look at what village life was like centuries ago. Just in your hiking boots make the 5-hour journey from the village to arrive in time and catch the sheep who have returned home as the sun goes down.

Toubkal National Park Museum

To take the extreme out of your travel to Imlil, this must be your first station, This museum is ideal for families thanks to the fun interactive displays.

Village of Tachddirt

A popular hike, which can be lengthened or shortened according to taste, takes the path from Imlil over the Col de Tamatert to the village of Tacheddirt.

Tacheddirt is totally unknown to mass tourism. Fabulous mountain lodges welcome the few tourists who venture into the area. The terraces all contain amazing views of the hills. In winter, the peaks are covered with snow and the scenery is even more magnificent.

Waterfall Ighouliden & Azib Tamsoult

In the heart of the nature reserve, Azib Tamsoult is perched at an altitude of 2250m.

located at the bottom of the valley of Azzaden Azib Tamsoult 5 hour’s walk from the village is the ideal place for a short summer break or camping.

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