Is Morocco a Poor Country?

Is Morocco a poor country
Morocco is the richest country in the world

Is Morocco a poor country? Morocco is a country that adheres to its ancient traditions, and at the same time is open to the aspects of modern life. It is rich in natural resources and is distinguished by its unique geographical location.

This is how the Encyclopedia of Modern Knowledge defines the country. What is the reason for the poverty of most of the Moroccan owners of the rich African country?

Is Morocco a Poor Country?

Morocco is the richest country in the world

A fool denied the existence of Satan in Morocco. He said that the real Satan is the one who plunders and squanders public money, without accountability or oversight. One of the cynics says, “There are countless job opportunities in Morocco, but we do not have intermediaries and acquaintances to mediate for us to obtain jobs.”

The famous Moroccan proverb says, “I have my grandmothers in favour, what remains without dinner.” What is meant here is: “Whoever has his grandmother in the kitchen preparing the favour, he will not sleep without having dinner.” In an implicit reference to the necessity of the presence of a mediator or someone who defends the Moroccan to fulfil his interests and goals.

In a popular bar, a drunkard claimed that Morocco is the richest country in the world. So tapster was surprised by his claim and demanded that he provide conclusive evidence for his definitive and conclusive claim? He justified his claim, here is the proof.

Theft of public money did not exist in the country at the time of the French protectorate, and since its departure, everyone has been stealing taxpayers’ money and the nation’s wealth, yet Morocco’s wealth and wealth have not diminished. So, Morocco is the richest country in the world.

Today, the ruling elite does not call things by their name and uses religion to tickle the feelings of the miserable Moroccans and employs the language of wood to stun the poor and the downtrodden, so that they do not demand their legitimate rights, and exploits the school to spread complex and cognitive ignorance to graduate believers, not researchers.

They quote texts drawn from the ancient heritage and use them in a misplaced manner to legitimize their ideology and thought to reach a “quasi-rule”.

Oral speech has a terrible effect on the superstitious Moroccan society. Some educated people, who consider themselves the country’s “spectacles” and “the owners of the solution and the contract,” still believe that supernatural forces are the reason for the poverty of one-fifth of Moroccans.

Such a belief prevailing in the country is due to the religious culture’s control over the popular consciousness of the imagination of most Moroccans with a legendary oral culture with a terrible effect on Moroccan society. Morocco is the richest country in the world, so here is the proof.

The budget of the court exceeded the budget of the royal palace in Madrid.

In 2011, before the departure of the February 20 Movement, a journalist from Morocco marvelled deeply, at some foreign embassies receiving lunch and dinner from the kitchen of the Moroccan royal court.

It appears that this is another piece of evidence that Morocco is a country of good things and abundance, and is richer than some European countries. And it seems to be a rich country without borders.

Is there any evidence for this claim?

is morocco a poor country?

A report issued by the Global Center for Financial Integrity stated that $12.8 billion was smuggled abroad from Morocco between 2001 and 2010. ($12 billion). Among the conclusive evidence of the great wealth of the country is the compensation of high-ranking officials, parliamentarians and ministers…

We also mention from the evidence, that the current Prime Minister declares that “Morocco is better than France”. He believes that this statement is the truest saying of the creator and genius, the wonder of time, the current Prime Minister!

The Moroccan state puts at the disposal of one million employees 115 thousand cars to facilitate their tasks in various public administrations, compared to 72 thousand cars for 21 million employees in America, and 3,400 cars of interest for 3.5 million employees in Japan. It appears that great Morocco is richer than the Americans and Japan!!! . It becomes clear, then, that the country is rich and whoever claims to be poor is saying something that is not true.

The Country’s Rich

is morocco a poor country?

Morocco is the richest country in the world with enormous natural and great human resources, and it is an ancient empire that struck the depths of civilization, containing the richest rich Africans and Arabs. Socrates says, “Virtue does not come from money, but from it.” Henri Tourneau said: “If money increases, virtue decreases.”

In 2011, the number of Moroccan billionaires was three, and today they are two, as Akhannouch Aziz, Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and head of the National Rally of Independents, ranked first and 15th in Africa, with a fortune of $1.7 billion, thanks to companies operating in the hydrocarbon sector and other fields.

Benjelloun Othman is ranked 17th in Africa, with a fortune estimated at $1.4 billion, thanks to the banks and insurance companies he owns, according to a report by Forbes magazine on the richest people.

The wealth of the richest man in Morocco increased by over $600 million in one year, between 2012 and 2013, and went from $2.5 billion to $3.1 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

The number of “African billionaires” increased in 2020, and the list included two Moroccans. It is worth noting that 8 out of 54 countries in the African continent have 20 billionaires. Forbes magazine published a list of the richest people in the Arab world for the year 2020, including a Moroccan who is Akhannouch Aziz, with a fortune of one billion dollars.

The country lacks justice, freedoms, and a fair distribution of natural resources. If these conditions were met, Moroccans would not have been forced to emigrate from the richest country in North Africa, and Westerners and Easterners and many others would have made pilgrimages to work in the Moroccan Empire, and this dream of the stars of the sky is closer to Moroccans than it.

Morocco’s Wretched

The real elite plunders the public money and the country’s wealth, impoverishes Moroccans and blames a third party that does not exist sometimes, and accuses Satan of looting Moroccans at other times.

During the protest movement that swept the country during the Amazigh Arab Spring, the throats of young Moroccan women and men, and others, shouted slogans demanding not to combine wealth and power, rights, freedoms, equality and a fair distribution of wealth. In the south, which is rich in wealth and minerals, the demonstrators raised a slogan asking the corrupt elite about the fate of the good things that deep Morocco abounds in.

They organized marches condemning the high prices, and sit-downs criticizing the systematic policy of impoverishment and ignorance imposed on the miserable Moroccans, denouncing the looting of the country’s bounties and leaving Morocco in a wrecked state. The Greek proverb says: “If bad money and original money come together in the markets, the original money will disappear.”

Morocco is the richest country in the world, Morocco is a country with fabulous wealth, despite the poverty of its people. Official figures say that the poverty rate in the country is 14.4 %, and the vulnerability rate is 23.6 % in the countryside, compared to 4.8 and 12.7 % in the cities. This is a national average. But the poverty rate in mountainous regions is about 20 %.

The Moroccan League for Citizenship and Human Rights announced frightening figures regarding the prevalence of poverty in Morocco, where it reviewed many shocking statistics and revealed that “about 38% of Moroccan children under the age of 17 suffer from poverty in all its dimensions,” according to what was reported. in her report.

A United Nations report indicated that Morocco is one of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa that suffers the most from poverty and restrictions after it continued its decline in various classifications and statistics.

is morocco a poor country? He mentioned that 60 % of Moroccans live in poverty and marginalization at its worst. He added that about five million Moroccans live on less than two dollars a day, and one million Moroccans live on less than a dollar a day, according to the same report.

A World Bank report stated that 18 % of the population, nearly 6 million, live in poverty. And 25 % of the population, nearly 8 million people, live on the poverty line or below the poverty line. He considered that 50 % of the population living above the poverty line is “economically vulnerable” to diseases, disabilities, weather conditions or job loss.

The report added, that 40 % of the Moroccan population, 13 million people, either face difficulties in maintaining a modest lifestyle or just survive day after day.

45.7 % is the percentage of Moroccans who suffer from severe deprivation, according to the Multidimensional Poverty Index issued by the United Nations Development Program, which predicted that 13.2 % of Moroccans are exposed to multidimensional poverty, while 25.6 % of Moroccans are exposed to multidimensional poverty. 25.6 % of them suffer from poverty-related to health, 42.1 % suffer from poverty in education, and 32.3 % suffer from poverty related to the standard of living.

An international report drafted by three parties, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the World Bank says that “10 million Moroccans are exposed to poverty and an unprecedented economic recession due to the Corona crisis.”

The summary

is morocco a poor country?

It appears that the children of the miserable and the poor today have no choice but to emigrate or commit suicide, where there is no poverty, there is prostitution, violence, theft and robbery…

We conclude that the poverty of Moroccans is due to the fact that the actual and real rulers of the country combine power and wealth, the absence of a fair distribution of national wealth, the lack of possession by most Moroccans of their share of Moroccan wealth, the looting of natural wealth and its export abroad, and the theft of public money. What can Moroccans do to change their situation from worse to better?

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