Is Morocco Safe? Best 5 Tips you will Need

We are here to tell you all about it is morocco safe or not. from the cities to the culture to the cuisine if you would like to learn more about morocco just read this article till the end.

is morocco safe

today I want to talk to you about another question we get from a lot of travellers who are considering going to Morocco and that is :

Is Morocco Safe?

The short answer is yes absolutely, to give a little bit more detail morocco has a low rate of violent crime and when you compare it to the u.s where the majority of our travellers come from it is a lot lower even adjusted for population, morocco’s crime rate is four times less than that of the u.s, the homicide rate, is three times less than the u.s and the sexual assault is six times less than the u.s .so not only per capita does it have a lower crime rate, but most of these crimes are against locals they’re not against travellers.

Moroccan Police

morocco has a separate police force that actually is dedicated solely to the protection of tourists, this comes in the form of extra security at certain hotels or with certain groups in the medinas, a lot of travellers aren’t even aware of this a lot of these police officers will be in plain clothes discreetly following a group that’s touring the medina or something to keep an eye make sure that they are safe.

another question that is asked about the safety of morocco is what about terrorism?

a lot of acts of terrorism have been going on all over the world and a lot of people are aware that more moderate progressive Islamic countries are often targeted by Islamic extremists and morocco is no different, however, morocco does have a very strong intelligence network and they are very good at detecting plots and groups and stopping things before they happen

Political Relations Between u.s and Morocco

Morocco has long been a friend of the u.s and after the 9 11 tax attacks they were very quick to offer their support and assistance they are very strongly against any kind of terrorism and they are always actively on the lookout to foil any attempts or plots that may be underway because of this there has not been a completed terrorist attack in Morocco since 2011 and before that 2003.

Safety in Moroccan Street

so as a whole yes Morocco is a very safe country the biggest threat to travellers belonging personal is unfortunately it is not unheard of for a motorcycle that is driving by someone walking on the sidewalk to snatch a purse off someone’s shoulder as they’re going past, so be very careful with your belongings especially when you are in a largely populated area because there’s always going to be opportunistic criminals

don’t carry your phone or your wallet in your back pocket if you have a bag make sure it is zipped if you have a purse make sure you are carrying it crossbody or securely in your arm if your hotel or riad has a safe you should also definitely use that other very basic common sense safety advice for morocco is of course always be aware of your surroundings don’t go places by yourself in the middle of nowhere

this includes wandering in unpopulated parts of the medina at Marrakech, fez, and chefchaoun in the early hours of the morning or even hiking or camping up in the mountains it may feel like you are the only person around and in the middle of nowhere but you don’t necessarily know that, so don’t go places by yourself this goes for men and women

Some Harassment

speaking of women of course we always have to be a little bit more careful when we travel I’m afraid in morocco a woman walking by herself is, unfortunately, going to encounter some sexual harassment I’m very sorry to say it’s just going to happen kind of like it does pretty much everywhere in the world, however it is likely just to be verbal someone may follow you for a while but it’s not likely to turn physical

Some Tips

one thing you should do however is to make sure that you have an unlocked cell phone with you and get a local sim card you can always call the police from 19 from a cell phone I know that some people have a cell phone plan where you can have international roaming for five dollars a day or something like that but if you get a local sim you can have enough data for a week with five dollars, so it is beneficial to just get a local sim it’s always good to have a way to communicate if you are in morocco with a private driver absolutely the driver will be able to be reached by cell phone.

as a whole morocco is very safe you are going to have a wonderful time the risk of violent crime is extremely low and the risk of property crime even though I mentioned that’s most likely what’s going to happen is still going to be pretty low just use your basic common sense that applies wherever you travel and you will be perfectly safe and have a wonderful time

so I hope that answers your questions if you have any that I did not address please be sure to leave them in the comments below I will be happy to answer them or if there is any other part of travelling morocco you would like me to address please leave those suggestions below as well

so thank you so much for your time and I hope this article was helpful.

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