Marrakech The Red City: Top 5 Facts you must know


Why Marrakech is Called the Red City?

Marrakech is named the Red City this is often thanks to its buildings and its red mud walls, and it’s said that it had been built during the amount of the residence of the Almohads, and therefore the old city of Marrakech is surrounded by a good palm grove, and within the center of the town there’s Jemaa El Fna Square, which may be a market filled with life, and near the Katiba Mosque there’s its minaret that reaches its length it’s 77 meters long, and it’s reported that the Spanish prisoners built it.

The Red City also contains the Mausoleum of Saeed, which dates back to the sixteenth century, and Al-Baida Palace (currently a hospital) dating back to the eighteenth century, and therefore the royal residence dating back to the nineteenth century. All of those places reflect the historical growth of Marrakesh, but an outsized part of the town remains surrounded by walls dating back to the 12th century.

What Language is Spoken in Morocco Marrakech?

In Morocco, Arabic is the official language. Moroccan Arabic is a dialect of Maghrebi Arabic, which is spoken throughout North Africa. It’s also called Darija or Derja.

Morocco has over 40 million speakers of Moroccan Arabic and there are also speakers of Standard Arabic, French, Berber languages, and Spanish.

Is Marrakech Safe?

Marrakesh, The town of tourist attractions

  • Jemaa El-Fna Square: Founded by the Almoravids, it’s a serious square within the city of Marrakesh and is recognized by UNESCO. and tastes, etc.
  • Al-Katiba Mosque: it’s the oldest of the three minarets within the world, and is characterized by its curved windows, ornate arches, and its wonderful beauty, as its stones are made from red stones, and its height reaches 70 meters.
  • El-Badi Palace: at the present there are the remains of this palace; But it still retains its position, because it is that the first tourist destination within the city, where the Marrakesh Cultural Festival of Folklore is organized throughout the month of June within the remains of this palace.
  • Ben Youssef Mosque: Its construction dates back to the late twelfth century, and it’s the oldest and most vital building within the city, and it’s a sanctum for Muslims.
  • Saadian Tombs: it’s a mausoleum, and this tomb contains scattered remains of members of the Saadi dynasty, and therefore the most vital feature of this landmark is that the room that contains 12 columns.
  • The Almoravid Tribe: it’s reported that only people who have undergone restoration operations remain.
  • Majorelle Garden: This garden contains a gaggle of cacti, swimming pools, also as variety of fountains, and quite 15 species of birds are often seen within the garden.

The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is characterized by the sweetness of its parks, especially the olive grove of Manara, and therefore the Agdal Gardens. via the railroad.

Marrakesh City Location

The city of Marrakesh is found within the Al Haouz region, bordered by an agricultural plain from south to east, and bordered by the Atlas Mountains to the east, and this city is found within a natural range filled with great potential. the town was founded by Youssef bin Tashfin, within the period between (1060-1606), the primary ruler of the Almoravids, and as a result, Marrakesh became a base for the conquest of Morocco, parts of its regions, also as Andalusia.

Facts About Marrakech

There is a variety of Marrakesh facts that has got to be known:

  • Marrakech qualifies to become a well-liked golfing destination, because it currently has six courses.
  • It contains the most important market in Morocco.
  • It is famous for its unbridled population of feral cats. Sweet mint tea is one among its most famous drinks, and as for dishes, couscous is that the most famous Moroccan dish.
  • French is that the interlanguage of a 3rd of the Moroccan population.
  • The Marrakech International festival is held per annum within the city.

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