Marrakech Weather in April: Best Time to visit it

marrakech weather in april
Marrakesh in April weather

in this article, we provide the following information about Marrakech weather in April, and the climate of Marrakech.

Morocco is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Africa. Behind the mainland, the title of the hottest is firmly entrenched. However, the Moroccan state does not fully adhere to traditional notions of the continent’s weather conditions.

In the northwest part, the Atlantic Ocean moistens and cools the hot breath of the desert. The Atlas Mountains add uniqueness to this interaction of air masses in Morocco. The weather for the months of the year is favourable for relaxation on the Atlantic coast, in the mountains and among the sights of imperial cities.

Marrakech Weather in April

Spring on the Atlantic Coast

Morocco offers guests and residents of the country a relaxing beach holiday on the coast or by the pool, educational excursions, ski slopes and many other attractions. Peak season limits are gradually expanding. A few years ago, its framework included April-October. In the past two years, more and more people want to visit the country from March to November.

Marrakesh in April weather is warm, the air warms up to + 21 … + 25 ° C, and it is cooler at night (+12 ° C). Water temperature + 16.5 … + 17.5 ° C. In the spring, the beach holiday season begins, which lasts more than 5 months. The weather in Morocco in May is almost hot, on the Atlantic coast in Tanger, Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouira – + 22.5 … + 28 ° C. You feel a fresh breeze from the ocean, but the water is already warming up to +20 ° C.

Is it raining a lot in Marrakesh in April weather?

At this time of year, you can expect 26 mm of precipitation for an entire month in Marrakesh.

When you travel to Marrakesh in April you can sometimes expect rain, thunderstorm, fog and hail.

Note that heatwaves! Around April we can expect a heatwave with tropical weather and an average temperature above 30℃. Hot weather can be dangerous. very high Here is a UV Index, which is (10) in April and you should take precautions: Use SPF 30+ sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses, and a hat or similar.

Don’t stay in the sun for too long! Usually the second of the week is the hottest in April. Marrakesh in April weather experiences dripping sun days with a slightly cloudy sky. Temperatures usually fluctuate around 26℃ and the wind is a light breeze.

What time does the sunset?

The sunsets between 7:51 PM and 7:11 PM in April in Marrakesh.

April is one of the best months of the year in terms of weather in Marrakesh. If the weather is important to you, April will be a good month to travel. This can be a good time to walk around the area and explore the main tourist attractions. The relative humidex typically ranges from 17 (Little or no discomfort) to 23 (Little or no discomfort) over the course of a typical April. Dew point is often one of the best measures of how comfortable the weather is for a traveller.

When you travel to Marrakesh remember that lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid. During a typical April dew point is about 9 (a bit dry for some people).

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All-day and sunny hours

Over the course of a typical April, the length of the day began gradually increasing by approximately 53 minutes.

The shortest day is April 1 and offers 12 hours 28 minutes of daylight, sunrise is 7:23 and sunset is 7:51. The longest day is Wednesday, April 30, with 13 hours 21 minutes of daylight, sunrise is 5:49 and sunset is 7:11. The Traveler, Sonhorse Hamann. This month advanced on average daylight hours 13.

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