Mogador Essaouira: 2 Famous Cultures Combined

Mogador Essaouira when we want to talk about it, words may not be able to describe it and describe its enchanting beauty that combined the picturesque nature and the eye-catching attraction of the sea.

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Mogador Essaouira

Its enchanting charm can only rob minds and occupy hearts, with its ancient natural, tourist, cultural and historical characteristics that make you keep thinking and wondering about the secret that made it, despite its small area.

this beautiful, and to wonder about the secret of love and love of Moroccans and foreigners for it, a love you find In the heart of every person who has visited her, which increases the more she visits her.

Mogador’s magic steals you from the world to attract her against your will:

The city of Essaouira, which enchants you from the first sight with its natural beauty, you see it as soon as you reach its door, through which you see the beauty of the sea prevailing on those white houses studded with the beauty of the blue colour.

In other Moroccan cities, the city to which the saying “water, green, and a good face” applies, even though it was said about the city of Beni Mellal.

However, it is okay to say about the city of Mogador Essaouira, whose winds greet you that make you feel that you have travelled and moved from one world to another, especially in the summer when the temperature is high everywhere.

But the city of Mogador Essaouira opens its arms for you to welcome you and says you are welcome In the right place that will make you rest from a hot atmosphere to a soft, stable atmosphere, even if your wind is windy, you do not feel pain.

On the contrary, you feel that slap as if it kisses you in the cheeks to tell you that you are here, enjoy and live.

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Mogador Essaouira is a historical site and an important tourist point:

You can only say about Essaouira medina what you like from the high-end words, which you find coming from the depths of the heart.

And its charming beauty, and is characterized by all the wonderful characteristics that can not be found in other cities, it is considered one of the most cities that contain two large islands that have been designated as reserves for rare species of birds.

The visitor can go to discover and discover its landmarks, by using the boat and heading within only 15 minutes, but without getting off it, you can see the magic that abounds in the place and makes the two islands a summit in magnificence.

In addition to what these places abound with types of migratory birds, There are other types of falcons that have chosen Mogador to settle, especially since the weather is very favourable to them, weather that attracts visitors from all sides.

The wind city is a mixture of Moroccan and Jewish culture:

Among the characteristics that characterize the city of Mogador Essaouira, it has combined two different cultures, namely Moroccan culture, and Jewish culture.

Due to the proportion of the population in it, which contains many Moroccan Jews, especially in the ancient Mellah neighbourhood, which is teeming with Jews who have taken Essaouira medina as a stable for them and their livelihood and their lives and building their future.

When you head to this city and move between its charming and picturesque markets, squares and spaces, you cannot find a difference between Muslim Moroccans or Jewish Moroccans.

Everyone coexists in an atmosphere full of love, peace, and proper coexistence, especially since half of the city’s merchants are Moroccan Jews, and there are a number of factors that unite them with Muslim Moroccans and that they share without distinguishing between any of them, in addition to participating in the cultures of which the Gnaoua Festival is one of them.

As soon as the city begins to prepare to receive this festival and the launch of activities.

Otherwise, you will find Moroccan Jews and Moroccan Muslims in this city united and one hand to make this festival, which has become international and receives visitors and fans of this kind of music from all over the world

Essaouira medina turns over 4 days in a row into a magnet for Gnawi music tourism that makes you encounter different nationalities as you move between Its squares, alleys, and streets, and not only during the festival period, but this is what became prevalent in it.

A charming city that does not lose its charm no matter the circumstances:

Mogador Essaouira is no longer just waiting for huge events or big festivals to receive tourists and open doors for them, but this windy city has become famous all over the world, and has turned into a destination for visitors of different nationalities who want to live different adventures and enjoy all the moments and practice various hobbies and sports Among them is the world-famous “Surf” sport and the establishment of a number of international competitions in it.

In addition, it has also turned into a magnet for investors and those wishing to open projects, whether large or small, related to the products that this city is famous for, such as juniper, argan oil, and other natural materials.

Among the tourist projects, such as resorts distinguished by their scenic nature, for which high-end places are chosen for their establishment, in addition to approved guest houses, tourist restaurants, and others.

A city distinguished by its picturesque characteristics and the kindness of its residents:

Anyone who wishes to understand Mogador Essaouira and learn about its distinctive characteristics between the eye-catching natural, and the aesthetic of its tourist characteristics may not find obstacles or obstacles preventing him from that, especially since the city is full of many secrets that you cannot discover from your first visit to it.

The more intensified the visit And I repeated it whenever I discovered something new, especially as it is a distinguished city with an atmosphere that fascinates the young and old.

In addition to the kindness and morals of its residents who you find greet you with a cheerful face and a wide smile as if they were saying to you, “Welcome to you among us.” We are happy with your visit, which we hope will be repeated.

The city of Mogador Essaouira remains that city that everyone loves, despite the pandemic that struck the world and affected the global economy, including tourism, the “Corona” pandemic did not stand as a barrier to the lovers of this city and to go to visit it, even if hidden and stealth.

When it comes to a city that relaxes the nerves, removes tension and anxiety, and makes you at the top of reassurance and comfort.

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