Moroccan clay or Ghassoul: Best Benefits for Skin and Hair

moroccan clay ghassoul

Medical mud

What is ghassoul or moroccan Clay?

Moroccan Clay is a type of fine or soft rock, and some of its types can be used in the field of medicine manufacturing, and some people use it to treat diarrhea, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as other stomach disorders, and it is also used to treat poisoning and to prevent liver cancer, and clay is used in the mouth to get rid of Sores caused by anti-cancer drugs.

The mechanism of action of medical mud is through its association with some minerals and preventing them from being absorbed by the stomach and intestines, which may help treat or prevent poisoning resulting from exposure to toxic metals such as mercury, and mud may also protect the cells in the intestine by covering it, and this article will talk about Moroccan clay benefits.

What are the benefits of Moroccan clay?

Some people wonder about the benefits of Moroccan clay, or what is known as Moroccan clay, which comes in the form of small bricks or powder or in bottled lotions, and the most common comes in the form of lotion, where the goal is to obtain optimal hygiene for the skin by taking advantage of the benefits of clay Moroccan and unique to Morocco, where minerals are collected from the Atlas Mountains, and this lye is known among the locals for its deep cleansing and effective effects on the skin and hair.

But if Moroccan clay is purchased in its raw form or in the form of a fine powder, it must be mixed in a small bowl with rose water to get a muddy mixture of clay color, and then put on the face as a mask and then rub or massage it well, and talking about the benefits of Moroccan clay for hair, It is used to get rid of curls, where the hair is washed as usual.

then wet raw clay is placed on the roots of the hair and on the rest of the hair as well, then rinsed with water well, and this clay due to its strong astringent properties is one of the most common skincare materials in Morocco.

How is a Moroccan mud bath made?

Many people resort to using a Moroccan mud bath, with the aim of introducing nutrients and antiseptics to the skin, and in addition to obtaining the benefits of bathing in general, including relaxation and relieving stress, in the following we will explain how to make a bath using Moroccan clay:

  • Grind that clay into small pieces before starting the bath, in order to speed up its dissolution, because it is usually bought in the form of a large solid piece.
  • Put Moroccan clay in a bowl and then mix it with milk and water, where milk or yogurt is very useful for exfoliating the skin thanks to its containment of lactic acid, and milk has antibacterial and antifungal properties that protect the skin from microbes. Add honey, which nourishes the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties, and is then applied to the skin.
  • Filling the bathroom with steam, which will open the pores and prepare the skin to absorb the previous mixture. This is done by closing the windows and doors, and then running hot water to fill the basin until the room becomes saturated with steam.
  • To keep the body from dehydration, it is important to bring a bottle to the bathroom to drink periodically, and to leave the room if the person begins to feel symptoms of fainting or nausea.
  • Sit in the steam for 10-15 minutes before entering the bathtub, and relax to make the steam work on the skin, and if the person feels dizzy, open the door or window and drink more water, and after the shower is finished, the skin is washed well, and dried with a clean cotton towel .

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