Ourika valley – Best Full Guide for your Day Trip

Ourika Valley is one of the most lovely touring places for nature lovers in the kingdom of Morocco which is worth visiting.

ourika valley

Ourika valley

Tourists go on a daily trip from Marrakesh, to enjoy the tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the medina and the crowds of people, in addition to doing activities and enjoyable experiences and adding to the trip more joy and fun. It is a short drive away and takes less than an hour from Marrakesh.

The valley is characterized by cooler temperatures with the splendour of the amazing mountain scenery, as well as the various surrounding villages, and the valley is considered one of the most beautiful touring destinations in Marrakech.

How far is Ourika from Marrakech?

The Ourika Valley is a valley along the Ourika River in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is located about 40 kilometres from Marrakech and is mainly inhabited by the Berbers who speak the chelha language.

How to Get There

The Ourika Valley lies at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, south of Marrakech. During high season, buses run from Marrakech to the capital, Seti Fatema. You can also rent a taxi for 40dh (4usd) as a max it depends on the season or you can join a guided tour on the day at Viator with reasonable price and good service.

When to Get to ourika valley

Time your visit for a Monday and try to avoid the hustle and crowds at the weekend. when the local market (souk) of Tnin Ourika sprawls through the village and a mix of locals and tourists haggle for goods, sip sweet Moroccan mint tea, and catch up on gossip.

The prettiest time to visit is in spring (February to April), when the valley is speckled with colourful wildflowers and the surrounding cherry and almond orchards are in full bloom.

Things to do in ourika valley

There are some places in the ourika valley such as Siti Fatima village, Almas…The village of Siti Fatima is one of the main destinations to visit from Marrakech for many tourists and locals as it is a great place for nature lovers and discovering Moroccan authenticity in its most beautiful form.

The village also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy shopping and acquire a variety of local handicrafts and artwork at reasonable prices.

The village also serves delicious Moroccan cuisine, including grilled meats with a variety of tagines, in the beautiful village restaurants with stunning views of the Ourika River.

There are also waterfalls in the village, which is characterized by its pleasant atmosphere, especially in the summer months, and is characterized by the beauty of taking beautiful photographs there, and there are also many birds and other beautiful wild animals that give a pleasant view.

The Siti Fatima Saba Falls are a short walk from the main hub of the village of the same name, and while the lower levels of the falls are easy to get to, the higher sections will require some rock climbing.

Also available near the waterfalls a range of restaurants for eating delicious foods, as well as the availability of seating areas for rest.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, good walking shoes, and plenty of water, especially if you plan to walk to the waterfall.
  • Ourika Valley is a wonderful place to purchase argan oil, and trips often include a go to an argan oil collective.
  • There are many shops, restaurants and food vendors in and around Ourika Valley.
  • Many of Ourika Valley’s viewpoints and natural wonders are by long walk distance, so wheelchair access is a little hard.

What are the nearest attractions to Ourika Valley?

there is much other attraction that you can also visit near Ourika Valley like:

Conclusion about the Ourika Valley

The Ourika Valley’s historic Berber communities are the main draw for many tourists. The community of Setti Fatma continues to live according to its traditional customs, tending to its organic herb farm and communal saffron farm, making handicrafts to sell, and cooking traditional tajines and pieces of bread at nearby restaurants.

The breathtaking Setti Fatma falls, which tumble into the Ourika River and offer an exhilarating scramble for daring hikers, are located in the valley’s centre.

if you are interested in a day trip from Marrakech to ourika valley, check out this Viator trip is one of the best trips, with a reasonable price and good service.

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