Paradise Valley Agadir – A Full Guide for your Trip

Here is a complete guide to Paradise Valley Agadir, also known as Paradise Valley morocco.

paradise valley agadir
paradise valley morocco

If you want to know how to get to Paradise Valley and what to do in this beautiful Moroccan destination, read on. In this guide, you’ll find out why you must include Paradise Valley on your Morocco tour.

If you spend enough time in Morocco, it won’t be long before you hear stories about the beautiful valleys in the south of the country filled with palm trees, rivers, swimming pools and breathtaking waterfalls.

Paradise valley agadir

This secret valley is oftentimes called Paradise Valley Agadir or just Paradise Valley. It is part of the Tamraght Valley in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

This is a small oasis in the middle of breathtaking mountains. It’s the perfect place to relax, and jump off cliffs.

This stunning destination, located a 3-hour drive south of Essaouira, is often regarded as one of the best day trips from the coastal city due to its accessibility.

If your journey starts in Agadir, Paradise Valley is only 58 kilometres from the beach town. It’s also the perfect destination for a surf trip in Morocco, as it’s just 20 minutes away from Taghazout.

Paradise Valley Agadir is easy to reach for everyone and does not require a tour guide or guide. In this article, I’ll tell you how to get there by renting a car or by public transport.

Why must you visit Paradise Valley Agadir?

This stunning location offers the perfect combination of hiking, swimming and relaxing in nature.

After visiting bustling Moroccan cities like Casablanca or Marrakech, nothing beats a long day of gentle swimming in the crystal blue pool of this oasis.

There are several stalls at the entrance to the valley where Moroccans make delicious tajines, so you don’t even have to worry about bringing food!

Just put on the right walking shoes, put on your swimsuit, and head to the valley for a super chilly day!

What to do in Paradise Valley Agadir?

go swimming in the pool

First and foremost – swim! Even though the valley is drier and the river doesn’t have much water, you can still take a dip in the crystal clear pools dotted along the river.

Many people like to go there for cliff jumping. However, we do not recommend doing this during the drier months as there have been some incidents in the past.

We recommend you try the natural water slides. in Paradise Valley Agadir, you’ll find natural water slides carved out of the rock after millions of years of erosion.

Hiking in Paradise Valley in Agadir

Paradise Valley Agadir is a fantastic area to hike. There are mountain trails that take you up the cliffs around the Tamrat River.

The mountains around the valley are very high and you can walk along the mountain path by the river.

Make sure you wear good shoes that support your heels and bring plenty of water.

Eat delicious Moroccan food and meet travellers

At the beginning of the valley, there are several stalls selling vegetable tagines and delicious Berber omelettes.

This is a great place to meet other travellers who are resting after surfing in Morocco. You can talk with them and share great stories.

When is the best time to travel to Paradise Valley morocco?

Late winter and early spring are the ideal times of year to visit Paradise Valley Agadir. At that time of year, the rainy season is typically over or coming to a close.

The valley is a beautiful green, and the river frequently has water in it. You have the optimum circumstances when you add that to the ideal temps and little to no rain.

Summer is not the ideal time to explore the valley because the Moroccan coast is typically particularly dry during that season.

Ask locals if it has rained recently and if the pools are full whenever you visit the area, regardless of what time of year it is.

Where in Morocco is Paradise Valley?

58 kilometres separate Agadir and Taghazout from Paradise Valley. It is located in the country’s southwest, in the Atlas Mountains.

The location of Paradise Valley in Morocco is as follows:

Paradise Valley Agadir, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane،, Agadir 80000, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane 85000

How do you travel from Agadir to Paradise Valley?

Agadir’s proximity to Paradise Valley makes for a beautiful day trip from the coastal city.

How to travel by automobile to Paradise Valley in Agadir

It will be straightforward to go to Paradise Valley whether you possess a car or rent one.

If the weather is sunny, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the beaches and the coastline along the route as you travel along the coastal road for a significant portion of the journey.

Simply travel north on highway N1 from Agadir until you reach the village of Aourir, then turn left to travel to Tamraght.

From there, take the P1001 road in a north-easterly direction until you reach Paradise Valley.

If you turn in the direction shown by the sign, you should arrive in Paradise Valley. You will see a sign on your right that reads “La route d’Alma-Vallée du Paradis.”

How to get by public transportation from Agadir to Paradise Valley

There are a number of different methods to travel via public transportation from Agadir to Paradise Valley.

Taking a shared taxi from the bus and taxi station in the Abattoir section of Agadir is the first option, which is simpler but more expensive.

You may get there for roughly 20 MAD by taking any taxi in the city. Once there, you must locate the taxi that is headed to Paradise Valley.

Although it might take some time to fill up, a shared taxi ride from Agadir to Paradise Valley won’t set you back more than 50 MAD.

The second, slightly trickier but unquestionably less expensive way is to take a taxi or city bus to Aourir, where you can then take a shared taxi to the valley.

You must board city bus number 31, 32, or 33 to travel from Agadir to Aourir. They run on the Agadir-Taghazout route from 6:30 am to 8:30 night for a fee of 5 MAD.

A shared taxi from Aourir to the valley only costs 25 MAD.

if you are interested in a guided day trip from Agadir, check out this Viator trip for a reasonable price and good service.

How do you travel from Taghazout to Paradise Valley?

You should absolutely go to both Taghazout and Paradise Valley Agadir because these are two of the top surfing spots in Morocco.

5 Best hotels in Taghazout morocco

How to drive from Taghazout to Paradise Valley Agadir

Take the N1 southbound till you reach Aourir from Taghazout.

After that, you must turn left at the roundabout and proceed through the village until the road divides into two. You will pass a sign that reads “La route d’Alma-Vallée du Paradis” on the right.

You will finally arrive at Paradise Valley Agadir if you continue on this route (P1001).

How to get via public transportation from Taghazout to Paradise Valley Agadir

You can either take a shared cab (5 MAD) to Aourir from Taghazout or city bus 32. (5 MAD as well).

Once in Aourir, you can go to Paradise Valley Agadir for 25 MAD by shared cab.

How do you travel from Essaouira to Paradise Valley?

You may easily travel from Essaouira to Paradise Valley Agadir whether you own a vehicle or are renting one.

Essaouira and Paradise Valley Agadir are 180 km apart, and the trip takes roughly 3 hours.

Bring your camera with you because there will be beautiful photo possibilities along the way!

How to get via public transportation from Essaouira to Paradise Valley Agadir

It only takes a 3–4 hour bus ride to reach Taghazout from Essaouira. For your own convenience, arrive at the public bus station in Essaouira at least one day in advance, and let the ticket agent know that you wish to go to Taghazout.

Where can I get lodging near Paradise Valley?

I suggest staying in Taghazout or Agadir if you’re looking where to stay close to Paradise Valley Agadir.

Essaouira is another excellent destination where it might be worthwhile to stay if you don’t mind the distance.

the best place where you can stay. is Taghazout for many reasons as we mentioned above. if you are interested in booking a hotel in Taghazout, check out this article about the best hotels in Taghazout here.

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