The Beauty of Nature in Morocco

Nature in Morocco is diverse, as it includes mountain ranges and sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as small bays and sand dunes, which has increased the number of tourists who come to see nature in Morocco. In this article, we will learn about the most beautiful places of nature in Morocco.

nature in morocco
Moroccan wildlife

Nature in Morocco

Morocco is located in a subtropical region and has a beautiful nature rich in various natural resources, The terrain of Morocco varies, as it includes mountain ranges, sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to wide areas of sand dunes, oases, and small bays.

The Atlantic Ocean causes various weather conditions in these terrains, In the coastal areas, the weather is relatively hot in the summer and moderately warm in the winter. On the inside, the climate is hot in summer and cold in winter. In some region, the climate is dry, which drive the drying up of rivers, leaving behind lovely valleys.

Landscapes in Morocco

Morocco has a broad range of attractive and varied landscapes that many people go to for leisure and relaxation, including national parks, wide deserts and much more. The most important of this site are the following:

  • Todgha Valley: Located on the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains, Todgha Valley is one of the most amazing rock formations in North Africa that is preferred to be explored by walking or climbing, there is a road that extends along the valley, but it is very narrow, and at the end of the road the valley opens to an empty area through which a river passes freely, and from there it is possible to reach some Moroccan villages.
  • Toubkal National Park: It is considered the oldest national park in Morocco, and is located in the middle of the High Atlas Mountains, less than 80 km south of Marrakesh, It covers an area of 61,776 acres, and enjoys a warm and sunny climate throughout the year, and includes a distinctive group of rare plants and animals, where there are oaks, pines and junipers, and a large group of herbal plants used by local Berber tribes.
  • Valleys of the High Atlas: These valleys are home to the local population and an attractive place for tourists and picnickers in the summer, to explore the Moroccan wildlife, learn about the culture of the people and taste the tasty foods that they make, in addition to watching wild animals; such as mountain sheep, hawks, lizards, monkeys and snakes.

Moroccan wildlife

The country of Morocco is home to more than 100 species of mammals, and there are about 210 different types of birds such as woodpeckers, storks and flamingos.

The Moroccan wildlife desert includes the smallest deer and fox in the world, namely Dorcas deer and Fennec fox, along with snakes and lizards, and the Atlas Mountains also include the Moroccan countryside is home to many animals, such as Barbary macaques, wild boars, and eagles.

The coastal zones contain many plants such as eucalyptus, while the mountainous zones have evergreen forests and different trees, such as oaks and olives. porpoises, Dolphins and many seabirds can be seen in the sea of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, in addition to the endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

Natural Resources in Morocco

Fish is an important natural resource in the State of Morocco due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco has many other major natural resources. Therefore, the geology of the kingdom of Morocco can be split into many general structural areas as follows:

  • Rif range: includes titanium, zinc, cobalt, tungsten, tin and antimony.
  • The High Atlas domain includes zinc, lead, barite, iron, and copper.
  • The Small Atlas domain: includes silver, gold, manganese, tin, cobalt, titanium, zinc, and antimony.

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Tourism components in Morocco

Morocco is considered one of the best places to go for tourism, This is due to its captivating nature, its many valleys, plains, rivers and orchards, in addition to its wonderful view of two of the most important water bodies in the world.

They are the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and also we discover in it the desert hugging the mountains and rivers, thus shaping a varied and gorgeous nature that the tourist does not explore much, this is apart from its old date and its well-known families since antiquity. Hand-made, and it has a lot of monuments, sports and entertainment venues.

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