Toubkal Mountain: Best Ultimate Guide to Climb Mount Toubkal

Toubkal Mountain is the highest crest within the chain of mountains, with a height of regarding four,165 meters, But You need to know when to go, what equipment to bring and how to organize yourself.

toubkal mountain 
mount toubkal

We must bear in particular in mind that this is a great summit. mount Toubkal is a mountain to be looked upon, like all others, with much respect and humility!

Atlas Range of Mountains

The chain of mountains is set within the north of the African continent and embraces many parallel and connected chains.

The range of mountains passes through the countries of the Mahgrib, African country, and the Republic of Tunisia, and extends from the Atlantic Ocean close to Agadir to the Mediterranean Sea close to the Republic of Tunisia, and forms the Atlas range of mountains.

a particular cluster of landscapes in Morocco, an African country and the Republic of Tunisia are encircled by desert and coastal lowlands, and also the chain of mountains facilitate shields the near areas from winter storms, and they work as water towers that facilitate type rivers and permanent streams between the mountains, and among the foremost distinguished peaks of the chain of mountains are Jebel (mountain) Toubkal. during this article, info regarding Mount Toubkal is provided.

About Toubkal Mountain

Mount Toubkal is the highest crest within the chain of mountains, with a height of regarding four,165 meters, and this summit is found among the borders of the State of Morocco.

The juniper left by the alpine meadows grows within the higher slopes, and also the lower slopes are terribly wide places that attract many folks to go to and sit in them, and it’s characterized by the presence of the Toubkal parkland.

which may be visited within the winter to follow snowboarding and within the summer to steer in its meadows The large inexperienced space, and the general public tends to climb the chain of mountains and Mount Toubkal particularly.

Mount Toubkal consists of volcanic rocks that are move type deep and slender valleys, and also the mountain descends steeply at an altitude of 1800 meters from the south, and there’s a tiny low lake known as Lake Devni Lake within the south,

however from the west, the sting of the mountain features a walkable path known as Tizi Nunums Its height is close to three,664 meters, and also the point range of mountains is reached from this pass so to the western Toubkal region, that rises regarding 4.02 meters, that results in the highest of the mountain.

To the summit of Mount Toubkal safely, the northern natural depression was a natural elevate to the mountain, however a mountain hut happiness to the French Alpine Club was designed, therefore climbers used the southern route rather than the northern one.

Climbing Mount Toubkal

The first climb of Mount Toubkal was recorded on the twelfth of Gregorian calendar month 1923 AD, by Marquis First State Segonzac, Vincent Berger, and Hubert Dolbo.

it’s doable to climb Mount Toubkal in 2 days, the shelter is reached in regarding seven hours, and on the second day it’s doable to achieve the summit in 5 hours so come to the Imlil region in 5 hours in addition, and also the Toubkal mountain is roofed with snow and ice which will collapse within the winter so, tutelage should be taken once ascent the mountain.

During the summer, the Toubkal mountain is incredibly dry and exposed to storms from time to time, however, the temperature of the mountain at its summit is smaller amount than zero degrees Anders Celsius.

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Climbing Mount Toubkal Guide


Arrival at IMLIL, the starting point for walking Toubkal

The trip to Toubkal National Park often begins in Marrakech. The village of Imlil is more easily accessible from the city of Moghara. Indeed, one can reach Imlil from other access points such as the Ourika Valley or the Ifni Lake District, but it is more complicated when it comes to public transportation.

  • Transfer from Marrakesh to Imlil by taxi: 64 km Imlil is separate from Marrakesh. The cheapest way to get there is to get a seat in one of the large shared taxis from Marrakech. Taxis to Imlil leave from Marrakesh to Bab Agnaou or Sidi Maimon. However, we wait for the taxi (6 seats) to fill up before you can leave. The price to pay for each seat ranges from 35-40 dirhams. Note that when there is no taxi going directly to Imlil, you can take a taxi to Asni and then another to Imlil.
  • Driving from Marrakech to Imlil: The road from Marrakesh to Imlil crosses some of Morocco’s beautiful natural sites. Starting from Lake Lalla Takerkoust, 30 km south of Marrakesh. Very nice area to discover too, with marine activities and good Berber tagines to sample. Having said that, the road to Imlil village is a little tricky to negotiate. In fact, the road has many bends and is in the worst condition when it rains in the area. May, therefore, with caution, take your time to enjoy the road.


Before the rise of Toubkal, the Berber village of IMLIL

The Berber village of Emile, the starting point for the ascent of Toubkal, is considered one of the most beautiful Moroccan Berber villages. Located at the foot of Toubkal at an altitude of 1,740 meters, it alone is worth a visit. Indeed, we can think of visiting Imlil on a responsible trip and raising the level of extraordinary solidarity!

  • Where to sleep in Imlil: Imlil is well equipped to welcome hikers. Several cottages are available with different prices and services. You have to book in advance to get the most famous ones like Riad Atlas Toubkal or Dar Imlil. You can also easily find a place to stay with the locals on arrival when you are alone or as a couple.
  • What to do, what to see in Imlil: It is possible to take many easy walks from Imlil. Hiking to discover the surrounding natural sites such as Imlil Waterfalls. Tours to visit other beautiful Berber villages (Tachdirte). You can also relax in the village and meet its charming residents and enjoy the splendour of the Atlas from your comfortable balcony.
  • Hiking Equipment Hiking Imlil Rental: Inns and local guides offer the equipment needed to ascend Toubkal for hire. Snow boots and snow boots, sleeping bags, or jackets are more suitable for the cold.
  • Find Hiking Guide Imlil: Now is the time to decide if you want a guide to trek and climb Toubkal. It’s easy to find a local guide and negotiate good prices in Imlil.


Climbing the top of Tubal: how to take it

The alarm goes off at four in the morning to prepare for boarding. A hearty breakfast to give yourself a good boost of energy and hikers really zip through the Indian trails in the dark.

  • Boarding: This is the time when you need a guide or to join a group. In the dark, even in the light of a lamp, the path cannot be easily determined. It’s a winding path, with an increasingly steep climb as you approach the top. The ascent itself is not technically difficult but you do need to take short breaks to acclimatize to the altitude.
  • Summit: After an average of 4 hours of hiking, we finally reach the highest peak in North Africa. A magical moment when you brush against the clouds while admiring the splendour of the Atlas Mountains. The joy of success doesn’t have to make you forget the most important thing: your safety. So beware of strong winds and do not venture near the cliff.
  • Descent: This is perhaps the most difficult part of the ascent of Toubkal. Descent in summer as well as in winter can pose risks. In summer, the terrain is rocky, steep and slippery. As for the winter, snow can sometimes hide large cracks. So go down slowly, paying close attention to where you put your feet. Climbers will tell you: it is not enough to reach the top, you must know how to descend safely!

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