Travelling to Morocco: 6 things to Avoid Before Traveling

travelling to morocco

Avoid these mistakes when travelling to Morocco

Travelling to Morocco is an unforgettable experience for those who love to discover Moroccan cultures and art also the ancient history of the kingdom of morocco.

From bustling markets and beautiful deserts to charming fishing villages and colorful cities, Morocco takes you on fun and unforgettable trips, and to help you prepare for your trip, we have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid on your next vacation in Morocco. Here are some mistakes that it is best to avoid when travelling to Morocco

Do not explore Morocco outside of Marrakech

is Marrakech safe?

Sure, there is a lot of tempting charm that can be found when tourism in Marrakech, but without a doubt, the most famous city in Morocco can receive huge numbers of tourists, so why not think about visiting it and going from there to discover other cities of Morocco, where both Fez and Chefchaouen are welcome Tangiers with travelers offers great alternatives to Marrakesh.

If you choose to go off the beaten path, and you’re staying in Marrakesh and want to escape the hustle and bustle for a short break, try the Atlantic Coast, where you can stop at the beautiful Medina of Essaouira or the fishing village of Taghazout.

Expect to cover all popular Moroccan destinations in one trip

Unless you are prepared to take a lot of flights (or plan to visit several weeks or more), it may not be possible to visit all the popular places in Morocco during one visit. The journey between Marrakech and Tangier alone takes six hours and includes a car plus an overnight trip. The best way to see Morocco is to choose an area, explore it, and get to know its nearby surroundings. Think Marrakesh, the Atlantic Coast, or Tangiers and Chefchaouen.

Being too worried about being scammed in Morocco

Scams are certainly possible in Morocco and other places around the world and this is normal, as a tourist, you are a magnet for scammers, there are scams when riding camels, henna tattoos, buying fake carpets, tours, and taxis. Despite this, not everyone is trying to scam you, the Moroccan people are friendly and hospitable, and as with traveling anywhere, vigilance is a great tool for preserving yourself and your personal belongings.

Taking pictures without permission in Morocco

Many people travel to Morocco for many purposes, including, of course, photographing the beauty of the country, but you must know, dear traveler, that taking pictures of people and places, especially political ones, without permission is not acceptable, so make sure to ask for permission before you take pictures of people in the streets and be prepared Sometimes accountable.

Refuse to bargain when shopping in this beautiful country

There is no doubt that bargaining is a form of the acceptable transaction when shopping in Morocco, and if you do not, you may end up paying a lot of money for that Moroccan rug or other products that you like in the market, especially since they are often Prices in many markets are severely inflated, so feel free to haggle, and even decide to walk away and refuse to buy the product if necessary.

Ignore public transportation when visiting the country

Morocco is generally safe, so feel free to make the most of the public transport network for getting around the country. Buses are a good option, but trains are better, especially if you plan to see the country outside of its main cities. The trains are reliable and cheap, and the trains are even better. An affordable way to travel the country, in addition, amazing landscapes await you during your train journey.

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