What is Aker El Fassi? 4 Best Tips on How to use it

what is Aker el fassi
aker el fassi

What is Aker El Fassi?

what is aker el fassi? Chemicals are included in the components of most cosmetics, which may have a negative effect, in the long run, so most women try to change their beauty care routine, by replacing them with natural cosmetics, although most of them are not scientifically proven, and Aker el Fassi is one of those products extracted from plants with The magical effect.

In our article today, we talk about what Aker Fassi is, its different names, how to distinguish the original product from it, its benefits and uses for the skin, hair, and lips, and what are the potential damages to Aker Fassi.

Aker El Fassi or the so-called deer blood? Can Aker EL Fassi be used to supply cheeks? Aker el Fassi, or the so-called deer blood, is one of the substances extracted from the anemone and pomegranate plant, and it is usually used with extracts of certain plants in the manufacture of various cosmetics that are placed on the lips, eyes, and cheeks, and is stored in the form of red powder in small bottles. The use of Aker el Fassi is endemic to Africa, especially Morocco.

The bright colour of Aker el Fassi depends mainly on the extracts that are mixed with it due to its distinctive colours. For example, the peel of the pomegranate is one of these extracts. Pomegranate has been used for thousands of years because it contains chemicals that are useful for the problems of high blood pressure, diabetes, and the development of cancer cells. , although there is no scientific evidence to support these uses.

“Pomegranate can help lower blood pressure and it is a food source rich in polyphenols, which act as antioxidants,” says Dr Sarah Brewer, author of Mylowerbloodpressure. The colour of the pomegranate ranges from green to red, depending on the following components:

  • Chlorophyll pigment.
  • carotenoids.
  • anthocyanins.

Aker el Fassi is extracted from the anemone, also called the blood of gazelle.

How do you Distinguish the Original Aker El Fassi?

Women who use natural products in their beauty routine often look for a way to distinguish the original natural products for fear of the quality of these extracts when they buy them from perfumery stores (souks).

As for the original Aker Fassi, you may not find it difficult to know the original product, as it has several advantages that enable you to know the original, including:

  • The original Aker Fassi is expensive, as it is said that it is sold by grams due to its rarity, as the gram of it is used several times to use it in a very small amount in preparing recipes.
  • It is golden brown in colour but turns pink when massaged with the finger or used in any natural mixture.
  • You can also find out the original Aker Fassi from adulterated by mixing a little Aker Fassi powder with a spoon of water, then wait for some time.

Aker El Fassi Benefits

Aker Fassi, like most preparations extracted from nature, has many benefits, especially when used in a beauty care routine. What are these benefits?

The benefits of Aker Fassi powder are due to the properties of anemone petals rich in active substances that provide moisturizing, softening, and anti-ageing, as well as the properties of pomegranate rich in antioxidants, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, vitamins C, B, and E.

It also has soothing properties because it contains flavonoids and alkaloids. We mention the benefits of Aker Fassi magic powder for lips, skin, and hair:

  • It is one of the best moisturizers for treating chapped lips, as it keeps the lips moisturized for a long time.
  • Adds a gorgeous natural pink colour to cheeks and lips.
  • It gives the skin freshness and natural radiance and a soft texture, in addition to giving it an attractive pink colour.
  • Anti-wrinkle because it contains flavonoids and antioxidants.
  • An effective moisturizer for the skin, it also enhances the purity and clarity of the skin.
  • It cleans the skin of the dirt accumulated in the pores.
  • Removes dark blackheads.
  • Lightening and unifying skin tone.
  • Improves scalp health with its antioxidant properties.
  • It keeps hair hydrated and gives it softness, shine and a beautiful gipsy red colour.
  • Aker Fassi has antioxidant properties, so it stimulates hair follicles to promote its growth.

1. The use of Aker el Fassi for the lips

Aker Fassi is a natural make-up such as blush and lipstick In addition to the property of moisturising and treating lips from dryness and cracks, Aker Fassi is used as a lipstick (rouge) as it gives your lips natural colour and wonderful softness. To get this result, follow the following recipe:

  • Mix Vaseline with Aker Fassi in equal quantities, then paints the lips with this mixture before bed. It gives the lips a natural pinkish-red colour if used on a daily basis, but if you prefer a light pink colour, you can use it once every two or three days.
  • Avoid applying Aker Fassi directly on cracked lips, because the colour penetrates deep into those cracks, so the colour of the lips becomes dark, and it may be difficult to remove or reduce it.
  • You can also use it by scrubbing Aker Fassi powder with your wet finger, a cotton swab dampened with water or a wet brush, then apply it to your lips and repeat this several times to intensify the colour.
  • Aker Fassi can also be a lip gloss, by adding a little of it to a little honey.
  • If you use it as a blusher, mix the knife tip of Aker Fassi powder with the sun cream, and apply the mixture to the cheeks. You can repeat the process to get the natural pink colour you want. In addition to lustre and softness.

2. For Hair Care

Aker Fassi or blood of gazelle is one of the best natural remedies to solve hair health problems, such as split ends, falls, dandruff, stopping hair growth, etc., which gives women healthy, vibrant hair, in addition to its high ability to give hair an attractive colour and lustre without side effects, by following the following recipe :

  • Aker Fassi hair mixture: Bring ten tablespoons of henna, lemon juice, a quarter of a teaspoon of Aker Fassi powder, an appropriate amount of boiling water, and an egg white with a little corn oil.
  • Method of preparation: Henna is mixed with Aker Fassi powder with the addition of boiling water to the mixture, and the mixture is stirred for at least half an hour until we obtain a viscous and homogeneous texture. After that, the scalp is painted with coconut oil to prevent hair from drying out, and egg whites are added to the prepared mixture of henna and Aker Fassi, then lemon juice is added to it, and the mixture is mixed well.
  • Usage: This mixture is placed on the hair and left for a period of not less than two hours, and after the expiry of this period, the hair is washed and cleaned well, taking into account the use of the appropriate conditioner to secure the necessary moisture for the scalp without using shampoo.
  • Colour degree: You can control the degree of colour depending on the amount of Aker Fassi powder used in the mixture. The higher the amount of powder, the darker the red colour.

3. For Skin and Body Care

Aker Fassi is one of the most important and effective natural products for treating skin problems, in addition to its ability to get rid of any imperfections that may appear on the skin, it gives you clearer, brighter, and fresher skin.

To get these results, you can follow this recipe, which consists of a tablespoon of rose water and a teaspoon of Aker Fassi powder, or the so-called deer blood, and mix these ingredients together until we get a homogeneous mixture, then put the mixture on the face and leave for a quarter of an hour. For half an hour, then wash the face with soap and water well.

For smoother skin, mix half a teaspoon of Aker Fassi powder with one of the essential oils that you use for the body, such as Argan oil, and then apply it to the body, and do not worry about the red dye because it does not leave any trace on the skin.

You can also get the bronze colour of the body, and this is done by mixing Aker Fassi powder with a spoonful of white vinegar and Vaseline well, and then painting the body with this mixture.

4. Mask for Cleansing the Skin

Which gives your skin a natural radiance and rids it of impurities, blackheads, and dead skin layers, you can follow the following recipe consisting of:

  • Two tablespoons of rose water
  • 1 teaspoon of Aker Fassi powder
  • A spoonful of the original Moroccan clay.

Mix these ingredients together, then put them on the face for at least a quarter of an hour, after which the face is cleaned with soap and water. In addition to ridding the skin of impurities, this recipe works to add beauty, softness, and the pink colour of the skin, which every girl dreams of.

Aker El Fassi Damages

What are the harms of deer blood on the face, and what are the most important caveats?

There are no scientific studies that prove that Aker Fassi has any side effects, but we can infer its side effects by studying the harmful components of Aker Fassi as mentioned above.
Some may suffer from skin irritation and itching in cases of allergy to the plant.
Using Aker Fassi on the skin can cause a runny nose and difficulty breathing if inhaled.

There are no studies showing the safety of using pomegranate in case of pregnancy and lactation, There are no clinical studies that prove that Aker Fassi has any side effects, so you should consult your doctor before using it.

In conclusion, do you prefer to use natural products to get bright and smooth natural skin? And lips shiny and supple? And hair more elegant and attractive? You can use Aker Fassi as the main ingredient in your cosmetic recipes for beauty and health care, but before you start using it, you must be fully aware of the risks you may face when using Aker Fassi frequently and in large quantities, especially for people who suffer from sensitive skin.

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