What is Henna? 5 Ways to Dye Hair with Henna Safely

what is henna

What is Henna?

A lot of people ask about what is henna and how it’s made? So in Brief Henna is a plant that grows abundantly in the tropical forests of Africa, and this plant was known in the past, where the Pharaohs made from the powder of its leaves a paste that works to dye hair and treats wounds. Arab women use the henna plant in their adornment, where they dye their hair also it can be used for the skin to make tattoos.

How to prepare henna at home?

An answer to the question What is henna It is necessary for women to buy dried green henna and work to grind it at home because some of the perfumers mix it with other ingredients, so that it increases its weight, and this is what causes damage to the hair, so it is necessary to grind it at home and to make henna at home, women need to the following components:

  • Ten tablespoons of ground henna.
  • One cup of soaked hibiscus.
  • Four tablespoons of yogurt.
  • A little hot water or oil.

All ingredients are mixed together until a cream-like mixture is obtained, and the henna is left for 60 minutes, then it is placed on the hair for a period of 4 to 5 hours, in order for the woman to obtain the desired result from the method of hair dyeing with henna, the hair must have been washed Clean it before dyeing it with henna.

Is Henna Good for Hair?

Henna has many benefits for hair. It works to reduce hair loss, covers gray hair in a natural way, helps reduce its appearance, thickens hair, and works to get rid of excess hair fat. It was also used on occasions to make inscriptions on the hands and feet of women like ghassoul we will talk about how to dye hair with henna.

How is henna dyed hair?

If the woman wants to get a new color for her hair without resorting to chemical dyes that harm the hair, there is a way to dye hair with henna, which is a natural way to dye the hair, maintain it and nourish it, and it is characterized by its long-lasting duration on the hair unlike commercial dyes, and some can be added Natural materials for henna To obtain a variety of beautiful colors, good quality of henna must be selected, and then the lady chooses the color and degree that she wants to color her hair with, and these are some ways to dye hair with henna:

  • How to dye hair with henna and turmeric: Mix a tablespoon of turmeric with a tablespoon of henna, and for these two tablespoons, half a tablespoon of safflower, knead the amount using chamomile water and then put it on the hair, thus obtaining shades of blond hair with henna.
  • How to dye hair with henna and cocoa: If the woman wants to get an attractive and beautiful brown hair color, all she has to do is mix a tablespoon of cocoa with a tablespoon of henna, knead the quantity with cocoa water, and then put it on the hair for 4 hours, and thus you will get brown hair Wonderful, and there is more than one way to dye hair with henna to get an attractive brown color. Nescafe can be used with henna, dates, or cinnamon.
  • How to dye hair with henna and hibiscus: To obtain a reddish hair tone, henna must be kneaded with concentrated hibiscus, because when the concentration of hibiscus is increased, the hair is given a stronger degree of red.
  • How to dye hair with henna black: If a woman wants to get black hair with henna, all she has to do is mix a tablespoon of crushed berries with a spoon of black henna, and fig drenched must be used to obtain the strongest black grades.
  • How to dye white hair with henna: When you want to dye white hair with henna, you should pay attention not to choose red shades, because the color will appear clear, so it is recommended to choose dark colors such as black or brown shades.

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